NewSQL vs. SQL on Hadoop

NoSQL, NewSQL, SQL on Hadoop SQL seems to be everywhere these days. The data management landscape is complex and moving very fast. Since real-time analytics is used by both the NewSQL and SQL on Hadoop communities, let’s dig in and see the differences. SQL is in Vogue SQL is back […]

Can You Hear Me Now . . . ?

Cloud computing, big data, and real-time analytics are quickly transforming how business is done—not only in the office, but also on the farm. Taggle Systems uses ClustrixDB to record and analyze data for livestock, utility meters, and irrigation across large-scale installations in Australia. With Taggle’s low-cost, long-range, low-power tags (custom […]

PeekAnalytics Scales Social Media Analytics with ClustrixDB

PeekAnalytics Chooses Clustrix for Scaling Social Media Analytics Most social media analytics companies focus on unique presentations of a platform’s own data. When it comes to Twitter, only PeekAnalytics can analyze your network and provide additional insights about your followers–or even people tweeting specific types of content beyond what […]

In-Memory Real-Time Analytics, Done Right

In-Memory There is a lot of hype in the media about in-memory computing and in-memory real-time analytics. SAP HANA has used savvy marketing and experimental projects across their customer base to create a storm of interest followed by real revenue. Now, everyone wants in. Oracle has jumped in recently with […]

Can You ALTER a 3 Billion Row SQL Table Online?

Is it Possible to Alter a 3 Billion Row SQL Table Online? At Clustrix, our goal has always been to simplify everything about the database. We started off tackling the scale-out challenges, then performance, easy MySQL migration, real-time analytics, and so on as the product matured and customers expressed their […]