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Ad Tech is Competitive — It Needs a Competitive Database

Ad Tech is all about data, response times and analytics.  You need to buy faster, sell faster, deliver the ads quicker and gather a whole lot of data so you can see the trends. Your Ad Tech service, software and tools need to help you and your agencies and brands target, deliver, and analyze digital advertising efforts in the most effective way possible, at the lowest cost.

Ad Tech is Complicated

Online advertising is very complicated.  And as Martin Kihn of Gartner has said, its more complicated than Wall Street and its getting bigger fast. And it’s changing every day with new technologies and players.

And with Omnichannel marketing you're targeting consumers across all channels — mobile, video, desktop, and more — within the context of how they've interacted with a brand.

Your Ad Tech systems, like your business, need to be responsive and adapt to change with agility. This creates some very special requirements for an Ad Tech database.


AdTech Statistics

•  400 billion transaction-like events per day

•  Programmatic ad trades use up to 100 data fields each

New York Stock Exchange Statistics

•  6 billion trades per day

•  Programmatic stock trades typically have 10 data fields

 (Michael Driscoll, Metamarkets)


Ad Tech Database Requirements

In this environment, you need millisecond response times in order to buy faster, sell faster, deliver the ads quicker and gather the trend data — across channels. Without this responsiveness, you'll never be able to deliver the right content at the right time to the right consumers. You applications are high-volume and high value, and the database needs to be able to handle the workload and support:

•  High-volume reads and write

•  Multiple simultaneous connections

The Ad Tech Database Solution

To stay competitive, you need an Ad Tech database that can linearly scale reads and writes and elastically scale to meet changes in volume without having to rewrite your application or redesign your database. If your database chokes or your system goes down for maintenance, so does your business.  Failure is not an option, your Ad Tech database must have:

  • Elastic Scale – flex-out, flex-in as demand requires
  • High-speed – 100,000s of transactions per second

ClustrixDB Easily Handles the Real-time Needs of Today's Ad Tech Database

ClustrixDB handles the big data streaming aggregate needs of Ad Tech database workloads. At hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, incoming data from all your customers can be converted into actionable real-time analytics and reports in seconds, rather than minutes. ClustrixDB provides the Ad Tech database platform for advertisers and marketers who need "fast lane" actionable intelligence on customer behavior, driving targeted campaigns, recommendations, and conversions.

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Elastic Scalability 

As your Ad Tech service grows, you’ll need more capacity and, depending on your user-base, you can see seasonal or weekly spikes. ClustrixDB automatically adds additional read and write scale with each sever you add. You can provision only the servers you need, when you need them, and save during the times you don’t.

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High Speed

ClustrixDB is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions a second so you can handle hundreds of thousands of streaming customer events: capture, aggregate, and generate actionable reports. Real-time performance is critical; your customers are creating dynamic campaigns, and time is money.

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Many Connections

ClustrixDB excels at multiple simultaneous transactions, exactly the huge ingest of end-user data required for successful Ad Tech. The connections can be reading and writing simultaneously and they will all stay insync —no delays, no conflicts, so the right data drives the right ads to the right person at the right time.

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MySQL Drop-in

Many of the best Ad Tech systems are built from the ground up, and as a result they started with MySQL. With ClustrixDB you don't have to shard, replicate, or replatform to an expensive database to get the 10X performance you need using your same MySQL application and existing workload.

"Clustrix enables us to ingest, model, validate and distribute audience data at rates
unparalleled in the industry, which results in greater data accuracy and better marketing results for our clients.”

- Brent Keator, VP of Infrastructure at eXelate, a Nielsen Company

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