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ClustrixDB is a clustered, shared-nothing scale-out RDBMS that is fully ACID-compliant. When we claim ACID compliance, we mean that we never relax any ACID properties ever. Maintaining an ACID database with a clustered architecture can have it’s challenges, but it is far from impossible. Our database was built to support high-value transactions that you would never want to lose and that you need to ensure are consistent. ClustrixDB was built to scale out with linear latency with the added bonus of ACID, meaning we are fully ACID compliant without slowing your transactions down.

ClustrixDB is an ACID Database

ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) refers to the characteristics of a database that guarantee that transactions are processed reliably.

Guarantees that a transaction is either entirely committed, or entirely rolled back.

Ensures that once committed, data is immediately available to all readers and writers.

Ensures concurrent transactions operate on a consistent view of the data.

Guarantees that committed transactions are persisted even in the face of unexpected power loss or hardware failure.

ClustrixDB guarantees all these things — that's because it's an ACID compliant database.

ClustrixDB's ACID Database Benefits

Data Integrity
Since Clustrix is an ACID database, you get the the niceties of SQL syntax but also the features of a relational RDBMS such as foreign keys (to keep your data clean) and Triggers (to ensure it stays clean). This allows your application developers to focus on features and functionality and not worry about data integrity. ClustrixDB foreign keys and triggers are always immediately enforced and consistent.

Guaranteed Transactions
If your site or application is dealing with a limited resource such as inventory or billing, having a database like CustrixDB that guarantees transactionality is critical to ensuring that resources are not over-allocated. No more cancelling excess orders or disappointing customers by over-promising.

Easy Back Up and Recovery
Another unique feature for an ACID compliant, distributed database is that ClustrixDB provides easy and consistent backups that provide a point in time snapshot of your data.


High Concurrency ACID Database

ClustrixDB goes beyond providing the simplicity of ACID and enables you to run workloads with high concurrency. Our customers regularly run hundreds of thousands of queries per second, including for high write workloads. Clustrix leverages its distributed shared-nothing architecture along with MVCC, smart CPU scheduling, and distribution query execution to preserve performance even as your cluster and workload grow.

Maintains ACID in a Clustered Environment

Even though it is a distributed database, ClustrixDB maintains ACID compliance. That's because our engineers and architects have put a lot of thought behind it. To learn more, read our blog How Clustrix Maintains ACID in a Clustered Environment.

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A New Approach to
Scale-Out RDBMS

ClustrixDB's shared-nothing architecture provides an entirely new approach to scale-out RDBMS and query resolution.

How ClustrixDB RDBMS Scales Writes & Reads

ClustrixDB achieves near-linear scaling of both write and read queries with full ACID compliance by ‘bringing the query to the data.’ 

Why Traditional SQL Databases Fail to Scale Writes & Read Effectively

Is traditional SQL database scaling an issue? Yes, but answering this question requires a more thoughtful discussion. 

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