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Farewell to Another Great Percona Live!

And before we proceed with our wrap-up, let’s pause for a second to reflect on just how awesome it is to attend a conference like Percona Live. Where even the most casual conversation you overhear is talking about things like optimal page sizes (4k etc) & cache eviction strategies. I. Love. […]

Top Session Picks for Percona Live

The Percona Live 2017 conference starts next week, running from April 25 to April 27 in Santa Clara. As a vendor in the broad MySQL ecosystem, Percona does a great job bringing together lots of users and vendors that continue to push the envelope of the MySQL project. This will […]

Optimizing Interrupt Handling on an AWS Cluster

Background on ClustrixDB Interrupt Handling I recently took a hard look at how to configure interrupt handling on a cluster for optimal performance for our shared-nothing RDBMS, ClustrixDB. One of the performance characteristics of our ClustrixDB engine is a relatively high interrupt rate on our processors due to high-volume message […]

Tech Talk Series, Part 4: High Availability

For high-value, high-throughput sites, downtime can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Service architectures have baked lots of resiliency into apps, but databases and their system of record design are often vulnerable to single points of failure, bringing down entire systems. Worse still, when the database is recovered, […]

Tech Talk Series, Part 3: Scaling Up & Down

Many web businesses enjoy a spike in traffic at some point in the year. Whether its Black Friday, the NFL draft day, or Mother’s Day, your app needs to be able to scale and capture customer value when it is most needed. Downtime is not an option. For the database, […]