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Report: Vast Majority of Cloud Databases Use SQL

If a business uses a cloud database—whether delivered as a service or managed traditionally through a public or private cloud—chances are it is going to be an SQL one. According to a recent survey of 500 developers, 79 percent were using a SQL database—either MySQL or NewSQL—while only 16 percent […]

Why Sharding is the Wrong Way to Scale Your Database

In order for your e-commerce platform to live up to its fullest potential, you need a database that will scale. It’s as simple as that. As technology has advanced and e-commerce retailers have more information at their disposal than ever before, traditional MySQL databases have reached their limits. They lack […]

A Slow Summer? It Might Be Time to Look at Your E-Commerce Platform

For many organizations, summer is the perfect time to reassess your business needs. While customers are on vacation and website traffic is generally slower,  e-commerce retailers should take the opportunity to ensure they’re ready for the Winter Rush. And most importantly, it’s really true that e-commerce platforms left unattended can […]

Upgrade Your MySQL Database Before it Hits Capacity

Hit Capacity with Your MySQL Database? Chances are that the MySQL database you are using will only scale to a certain point. While it might have been able to scale easily from zero to 200,000 users, for example, your database may choke when scaling from 200,000 to 300,000 users because […]

Cloud Database and Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Market Projected to Grow

Clustrix provides companies with a reliable cloud database that scales with ease to $14.05 billion by 2019 SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – Aug 13, 2014 – Clustrix, provider of the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, offers a quick and reliable solution for cloud failure recovery. With companies increasingly […]