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It’s Not NoSQL, It’s Scale-Out and SQL’s a Yes

It’s the scale-out architecture, not NoSQL New applications are now primarily being developed for the cloud environment – whether it is private, public, or hybrid. The data layer for a modern application is complex with multiple data stores, and choosing the correct database requires understanding a market and database landscape […]

Scale-out SQL Database Leader Clustrix Partners with NISSHO Electronics

NISSHO customer implements Clustrix and gains database management TCO cost reduction of 90% SAN FRANCISCO, CA and TOKYO, JAPAN – Jul 22, 2013 – Clustrix, the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, and NISSHO ELECTRONICS, the leading distributor and system integrator of IT, today announced a new partnership […]

Why You Write Code When You Interview with Clustrix

Why Write Code in an Interview with Clustrix? Everyone who interviews for a job with Clustrix eventually finds themselves standing at a whiteboard with a marker and a task, “Write some code that will do X.” For the kinds of people we’re looking for here, this is their bread and […]