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Get Real-Time Analytics While Processing High-Scale Transactions

Real-Time Analytics The need for transactional databases that can perform real-time analytics, on the same database, has never been greater than it is today. Consider the following: Since 2010, online advertisers have tripled their use of real-time bidding in display advertising, and in 2013, nearly one in five display dollars […]

The Amazon Database-as-a-Service Landscape

There is a rich ecosystem of services available on Amazon. While it’s easy to scale application servers and increasingly simple to deploy applications, there are fewer options at the database layer. We created a landscape to help you find the right database solution on Amazon for your business. For offline […]

Clustrix on Database Trends and Applications 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

The staff of DBTA recently released their list of the 100 companies that matter in data today – and Clustrix made the list! The list focuses on companies that cater to data management, but other than that, the list represents a variety of businesses today. It doesn’t matter whether a […]

When it Comes to Real-Time Analytics, Does Cassandra + Hadoop Equal Clustrix?

My sales team recently requested I check out Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. A prospective customer had asked us for a comparison, and since we rarely see each other in the field, we’ve never looked closely at them before. Surprisingly, DataStax appears to have taken a very different path to build […]

Under the Radar 2013 Names Clustrix Among Top 10 Most Innovative New IT Ventures at Conference

  As we announced last week, Clustrix had the honor of presenting as a Spotlight Company at Under the Radar 2013 – Silicon Valley’s premiere startup showcase that illuminates the latest innovation in business technology. We’re proud to announce that Clustrix has since been voted by the conference venture capitalist […]