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8 Cool Things You Can Do With Clustrix on AWS

Clustrix has changed the way businesses scale transactions and run real-time analytics, but the benefits of Clustrix don’t stop there. Clustrix was engineered from the ground up to reinvent and dramatically improve the way SQL relational databases handle the demands of today’s high volume data workloads. Our most recent advancement […]

Clustrix to Showcase Next Generation Operational Database at Under the Radar 2013

Clustrix presents breakthrough capabilities in real-time analytics and online transaction processing SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 21, 2013 – Clustrix,, today announced that Robin Purohit, Clustrix CEO, will represent Clustrix as a Spotlight Company at Under the Radar 2013 on May 23, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Under the […]

How Clustrix Maintains ACID in a Clustered Environment

How Clustrix Maintains ACID ClusterDBA user on StackExchange recently asked the question, “Why can’t RDBMs cluster the way NoSQL does?” The question received several good answers, one of which essentially amounted to ‘ACID is hard in a shared-nothing system,’ and then proceeded to enumerate what was hard about it. While […]

WSJ Declares Clustrix is Shaking up the Database Market

Shaking Up the Database Market Last week, Clustrix announced that it raised $16.5M in its latest Series C funding round. The Wall Street Journal declared that “tech watchers once considered the database market pretty stagnant, at least in terms of new technology and new entrants. Suddenly it is anything but […]

Advertising Analytics, Accelerated in Real-Time

Advertising Analytics Since 2010, real-time bidding has tripled its share of display advertising, and in 2013, nearly one in five display dollars will go to real-time bidding. What does this mean for the world of online advertising? For starters, the market is growing faster, more competitive, and more innovative every day. […]