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How to Take Advantage of NewSQL in the Cloud

Everything, anytime, anyplace – that’s the power of the cloud. Chances are, you’re already moving some of your systems to the cloud. But up until now, your database – the heart of your application – has been a legacy product that didn’t scale any better in the cloud than it […]

How to Harness the Power of DBaaS and the Cloud to Achieve Superior Application Performance

To run large data set applications in the cloud, and run them well, businesses and other organizations have embraced the concept and practice of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). All too often, however, these organizations have found that even as DBaaS helps to address some challenges, it exacerbates others, increasing complexity and unpredictability […]

Sharding: In Theory and Practice (Part Four)

Part Four: Using Memcached Welcome back to our blog series on database sharding. As I mentioned in part one of this series, memcached was invented at LiveJournal, and its purpose is to reduce the number of redundant reads hitting their databases. LiveJournal observed that 80% of the traffic accesses only […]