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Getting in Touch with Ruby on Rails Developers at RubyConf 2012

  As an applications engineer, I work to understand the challenges that our customers face integrating Clustrix into their environments. Really seeing things from a customer’s point of view involves keeping in touch with the developer ecosystems evolving around various application languages and frameworks. Since many Clustrix customers operate Ruby […]

Announcing the 4.1 Release of Clustrix

The Clustrix team is proud to announce 4.1 release Some of the key highlights from 4.1 include the following: Fast Parallel Backup Clustrix now implements fast backup and restore as a binary backup mechanism that works at the row level. Each Clustrix node sends its data directly to the backup […]

The Clustrix Support Experience

At Clustrix, our customers are our best advocates and we strive to keep it that way. As Vice President of Customer Operations, I am proud to lead our support team in these efforts by providing our clients with fast and comprehensive support. As a Clustrix customer, you can expect a […]

Scaling Distributed Joins

Distributed Joins A frequent question we get about Clustrix involves our ability to efficiently evaluate distributed joins. We face quite a bit of skepticism when we make the claim that we can scale joins in our system. And people are right to be incredulous: many other systems claiming to be […]

Key Differences Between Clustrix and MySQL

Clustrix vs. MySQL I’m Nick Lamb, and I’m a Support Engineer at Clustrix. I’ve been with Clustrix for over five years.  It’s been exciting and inspirational to watch our company grow in that time, but even more exciting to help and watch our customers accomplish great things using Clustrix as […]