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ClustrixDB is a scale-out database and drop-in MySQL replacement built for high-value, high-transaction OLTP applications on premise or in the cloud

When your application built on MySQL prevents your business and application from scaling, it’s time to check out ClustrixDB. As great as MySQL is, at a certain point you have to consider replication or sharding in order to scale out reads and writes. And either one (replication or sharding) requires redeveloping your application and redesigning your data architecture. We don't want you to have to do that — it's expensive, time consuming, and becomes a never-ending process. ClustrixDB solves that problem with its drop-in MySQL compatibility and linear horizontal scaling. ClustrixDB gets your scalable application to market faster, with fewer headaches, and a lower TCO than any of the alternatives. ClustrixDB is the leading scale-out database.


High Transaction, Low Latency


Always Up, No Data Loss


Drop-in MySQL Compatibility


Temporary Scale for Peak Times


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