ClustrixDB For Magento

A Scalable Back-end for High-Transaction Magento E-Commerce Sites.

Clustrix is an expert in the inner workings of Magento, and ClustrixDB is the only Magento approved drop-in replacement for MySQL — the database that powers virtually all Magento e-commerce stores. ClustrixDB for Magento is a drop-in replacement for the database and indexers built into Magento Community and Enterprise editions. This sophisticated backend solution works together to help Magento stores serve more customers, accommodate more catalog updates and most importantly, process more orders…at the same time.

ClustrixDB for Magento is a replacement backend that uniquely meets the growth, performance, and availability requirements of today’s online retailers.

The Best Results for your Magento Site


ClustrixDB for Magento:

  • Readily handles rapid growth, including demand fueled by omni-channel shopping
  • Easily accommodates seasonal peaks and unexpected traffic spikes
  • Meets the around-the-clock, no-downtime demands of global operations
  • Reduces check-out interruptions due to catalog updates from minutes (and sometimes hours) to seconds.
  • Significantly reduces the CPU workload triggered by catalog updates — freeing up the CPU to service customers and check-outs
  • Enables live reporting of e-commerce business performance
  • Is a drop-in replacement for MySQL
  • Seamlessly integrates with other components in an e-commerce technology stack

Included in the Bundle

ClustrixDB for Magento includes four Clustrix components
that make it the only Magento solution to allow full-site functionality and performance even while running the Magento Indexers:

ClustrixDB, the Clustrix Shadow (re)Indexer, and the Clustrix Checkout and Clustrix Flash Sales Modules.


ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for the MySQL database at the core of virtually all Magento e-commerce stores. ClustrixDB is a true, scale-out relational database that is designed to expand the performance of high-transaction Magento sites. As a true scale-out database, ClustrixDB easily accommodates more traffic and processes more orders than MySQL. It also offers the unique Flex features that allow you to Flex Up and add more servers/nodes during peak selling seasons and Flex Down again when traffic returns to normal rates. ClustrixDB can scale-out to accommodate up to more than five times the traffic of a typical Magento site.


Clustrix Shadow (re)Indexer


The Clustrix Shadow (re)Indexer is a drop-in replacement for key Magento indexers that re-architects the indexing process to remove update delays, eliminate check-out downtime and significantly reduce the CPU load that is required with the standard Magento indexers.


Clustrix Checkout

Clustrix Checkout significantly improves Magento’s performance during the checkout process, allowing for faster and higher volumes of simultaneous checkouts, and eliminating situations where users get stuck and frustrated on slow-loading or crashing checkout pages. Clustrix Checkout has successfully processed up to 17 checkout transactions per second sustained over a two day period! Ensuring customers easily and quickly complete their transactions helps drive up satisfaction, sales, and ultimately loyalty.  


Clustrix Flash Sales


Even normal high checkout situations can put a strain on the database due to the high volume of write data, but flash sales make it even tougher than usual to process those checkouts.  Clustrix Flash Sales is an add-on module designed specifically to allow for a high volume of checkouts on a small number of products or even a single flash-sale product. Gone are the days when online retailers manage to pull in a flood of customers trying to buy their products through flash sales, but then fail to sell them because the checkout process cannot support the volume of transactions in a tight window of time.

Both Clustrix Checkout and Clustrix Flash Sales significantly increases performance on Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 and Community Edition 1.9.

ClustrixDB for Magento: A Turbocharged Back-end for Magento

More Capacity

Whether you’re looking ahead to the next holiday rush or gearing up for more mobile and social shoppers, ClustrixDB for Magento helps you handle rapid e-commerce growth with confidence.

° Linear scalability
° Flex up or down, in minutes
° Massive transaction volume
° Real-time reporting on live data

More Uptime

Increase site availability with a fully fault-tolerant database proven to maintain peak performance through massive sales spikes and explosive growth.

° Automatic 100% fault tolerance
° No single point of failure
° Automated recovery
° Asynchronous replication
° Battle-tested performance

More Productivity

Free up time for e-commerce innovation by resolving backend issues quickly, effortlessly, and without a costly application rewrite.

° Plug-in MySQL compatibility
° Avoids sharding and replication
° Self-managing operation
° Faster capacity planning
° On-the-fly maintenance

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

The best time to implement ClustrixDB for Magento is before your e-commerce business grows to the next level and before you lose customers and revenue due to site performance issues caused by an overtaxed database.

Read the Scaling Techniques for Magento White Paper

Signs It’s Time to Implement ClustrixDB for Magento

When you’re ready, we have a team of technical experts to discuss your specific challenges and requirements.

  • You’re scaling for a busy shopping season, such as the holidays
  • You’re gearing up for demand from fast-growing mobile and social channels
  • Your website is experiencing unacceptable slowdowns, timeouts, or crashes
  • Your scaling strategy is becoming too difficult, complex, and expensive to maintain


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  • The business wants new real-time e-commerce capabilities to grow and compete
  • The database is a single point of failure, raising the risk of lost revenue