What’s New

ClustrixDB 8.0 is the latest release of the only drop-in replacement for MySQL with true scale-out performance. Designed to help customers meet the challenge of explosive growth in transactional workloads, this latest version combines nResiliency, in-memory processing, containerization, and encryption to improve availability, performance, ease-of-use, and security.

nResiliency delivers continuous database availability through simultaneous multi-node failure

ClustrixDB’s new nResiliency feature ensures that the database, and hence your application, remains available in the event of multiple simultaneous server or instance failures. nResiliency is the first in the market to offer complete confidence that your valuable data is safe and continuously available should two or even more servers (nodes) fail at the same time. You can now decide on the maximum number of nodes that could potentially fail in the cluster without losing any data, then ClustrixDB automatically generates the number of data replicas necessary to successfully recover, in the event of multi-node failure. Specifically, customers can now configure their cluster to have full redundancy and data-availability up to half of the number of nodes in the cluster, minus 1 (due to Paxos ‘split-brain’ constraints). For example, a five node cluster can lose two nodes; a seven node cluster can lose 3 nodes, and a fifteen node cluster can lose 7 nodes. All those nodes can be lost simultaneously, without data loss or loss of consistent transactional state across the cluster.

In-memory processing gives three-times performance boost

ClustrixDB now provides even faster performance, combining the speed of NoSQL with the relational benefits of SQL for:  

  • Performance improvements of up to 300% for in-memory bulk data ingest
  • Performance improvements of up to 300% for in-memory streaming HTAP and high-volume aggregate processingThe ability to support hybrid in-memory and on-disk tables within the same transaction
  • The ability to support hybrid in-memory and on-disk tables within the same transaction
  • In-Memory data is automatically stored across a minimum of two servers, is persistent via nResiliency, and is supported by Clustrix Backup and Replication
  • The ability to leverage in-memory caching data-structures within ClustrixDB without having to leverage a separate caching array

Full containerization for easy installation and deployment

It’s now even easier and faster to get up and running on ClustrixDB 8.0, which is:

  • Fully containerized using Kubernetes, making it easy to install and orchestrate ongoing deployments, on any cloud or data center
  • Virtually plug-and-play, requiring minimal changes, if any, to your MySQL application
  • Intuitive, with an easy-to-use GUI for monitoring and managing cluster performance

Heightened security with AES 256-bit encryption

Your data is now more secure with the industry’s most powerful cluster-aware encryption of data-at-rest. Leveraging the same worldwide standard adopted by the U.S. government, ClustrixDB 8.0 offers:

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption
  • High-performance, partition-level encryption using industry standard KMIP servers for key-management
  • Performance optimized to meet big data scalability in distributed computing architectures