Clustrix Support:
Among the Best in the Industry.

Always here with informed solutions to help you get the most from ClustrixDB and your application.

Proactive Monitoring

Clustrix Support will remotely monitor and respond to system events 24×7 and often resolve issues before you’ve connected to your environment. We also monitor the health of the system and can proactively suggest improvements. Our customers rave about our support service.

DBA Assist

Clustrix Support can help your DBAa optimize important queries and tune your schema design. Your DBAs and Developers know a lot about SQL and relational database design. Our support staff knows a lot about ClustrixDB’s engine, inner workings, optimization tricks, and analysis. Put us together to get the most out of your ClustrixDB deployment.

Migration Assist

As you migrate your applications and develop new code to ClustrixDB, our team will speed your progress by answering questions and suggesting solutions best suited for your usage. Customers find the assistance especially valuable when starting with ClustrixDB.

Development Roadmap

Would you like a new feature added to ClustrixDB for your workload? Ever wish your NewSQL database could do more? Ever get annoyed that replication works in a particular way? Our software engineering team loves improving ClustrixDB in the direction our customers suggest. Support services with Clustrix give you a priority voice in setting roadmap and directing feature development.

Support Plans

Premium Support
First Response Time
 60 minutes
Proactive Monitoring
 Yes, with Remote Access
Migration Assist
DBA Assist
Roadmap Priority
E-mail Support
Phone Support
Forum Support
On-line Documentation
Go-Live Services
Professional Services
 $450/hr (9-9pm PST Weekdays)
$650/hr (after hours)

* No charge per email/phone contact, ever. No limit on quantity of questions. We may defer answers to documentation, forums, and other sources. We may defer answering PRI3 and PRI4 topics until regular business hours. Questions involving items like application or schema development may fall under Professional Services (see below).

Health Checks / Proactive Alerts:

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Alerts initiate ticket SLA
  • Requires Clustrix to have remote access to customer’s environment

Go-Live Service Package:

Our team will assist your planning for production deployments and join you on your conference call during your maintenance window. This service includes:

  • Assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM), up to 8 hours.
  • Assigned DBA Support Engineer (DBASE), up to 8 hours.
  • Assigned on-call Software Engineer, up to 4 hours.
  • Detailed Project Plan for the migration of your data into ClustrixDB and database cut-over, including replication architecture.
  • Pre-Migration schema and query analysis to identify application incompatibilities.
  • Consultation with your application development team during your testing cycle to assist with identifying issues, work-arounds, schema and query refactoring, etc.
  • Attendance with your team during your maintenance window (one event, 24×7, up to 4 hours, our team on phone, screen-sharing, chat, email
  • Dedicated Migration Project Manager
  • Extended Go-Live support team (project manager, event coordinator, escalation engineer, on-call development)
  • Detailed Project Plan for the migration of your data and successful cut-over event
  • Pre-Migration analysis to identify application incompatibilities.
  • Prioritized fixes and workaround development
  • Up to 8 hours professional services (planning, application analysis, meetings)
  • Up to 4 hour maintenance window (your maintenance window 24×7; our team on phone, chat, email, dedicated)

Professional Services

Available for requests above and beyond typical support of Clustrix products. We have a team of database experts not only familiar with ClustrixDB SQL and scale-out architecture, but intimately familiar with some of the largest scale-out environments and networks in the world. We are available to help you:

  • Evaluate your application architecture and suggest modifications
  • Review your Schema and Queries to suggest improvements, identify problems
  • Assess application and database Performance, perform tuning
  • Review and Implement Best Practices for scale-out deployments and five-nines uptime SLAs
  • Provide Support to Clustrix users without a current Support Agreement

Training: Helping You Become a ClustrixDB Expert

While the self-managing design of ClustrixDB and the familiarity of a MySQL-compatible interface allow administrators, developers, and operations staff to quickly and easily adopt Clustrix into your organization, Clustrix Training allows you to get the most out of your Clustrix installation.

Our training gives you the tools, best practices, and understanding of the unique ClustrixDB architecture so you can effectively monitor the state of the cluster, identify problematic queries, and take best advantage of the parallelism available on your cluster.

Clustrix provides classroom training and accompanying labs. While several of the labs are conducted on a shared appliance, the majority of labs are conducted using Clustrix on AWS so you have your own environment in which you can learn and explore. You’ll be provided with a course participant guide containing all slides along with further explanatory text. Clustrix Senior Escalations Engineer Nathan Parrish is the course leader. As a veteran member of the Clustrix staff, his deep experience provides him with a unique understanding of Clustrix technology and deployment as well as of the needs of Clustrix customers. Along with the structured material, attendees are solicited for additional topics to facilitate peer learning.

The Clustrix Administration Workshop covers:

  • Basic administration (installation, data import, permission, monitoring)
  • Backup and restore
  • Replication
  • Clustrix data distribution and parallel execution
  • Advanced storage and concurrency topics
  • Investigation of slow queries
  • Fault tolerance

This material is presented over four days at the Clustrix offices in downtown San Francisco. For larger groups, on-site training is available.

We can also provide customized training, catered to your specific needs. Please contact to discuss your requirements with a Clustrix Training expert.

Technical Support

Find solutions to common questions and interact with users and experts in the Clustrix Support Portal.