Webinar: Moving an
E-commerce Site to AWS. A Case Study

Choxi.com is the online shopping destination for quality, on-trend, branded and unbranded, in-demand goods at prices ranging from 50%-80% off retail. Choxi’s efficient business model cuts out the middleman to allow delivery of great products at the lowest possible cost to the consumer. Keith Bussey, VP of Technology at Choxi sought to move to AWS to achieve the promise of the cloud — the ability to instantly scale capacity and costs to meet seasonal business cycles.

Choxi’s move to AWS was planned and executed in swift and efficient fashion. The relocation of the Clustrix database into the cloud infrastructure (AWS) was completed without issue in time for the recent holiday season and to avoid causing any downtime in Choxi’s 24×7 service.

View the slides and learn first hand from Keith and Nick Lamb, Director of Consulting Services for Clustrix, how to benefit from tools like AWS and ClustrixDB to match the cycles and goals of your business.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Hear from Keith how he planned and executed the move from a datacenter to AWS
  • Learn how to use pre-built AMIs to get up and running quickly on AWS
  • See how the ClustrixDB dashboard makes quick work of Flexing Up and Flexing Down the capacity of your database to match the needs of your business

Who should attend?

  • Business owners or technical leads considering moving their relational database to AWS.
  • Database administrators (DBAs) who work with AWS, Aurora, and MySQL
  • Technical partners who participate in the deployment of infrastructure to AWS

About the presenters:

Keith Bussey, VP Technology for Choxi.com
Keith has led the development team at Choxi for the last five years and has built a system that is capable of engaging shoppers and scaling to meet the outrageous demands of holiday shopping seasons and flash sales.

Nick Lamb, Director of Consulting Services for Clustrix
Nick advises and works with customers in e-commerce, adtech, gaming and IoT and is personally involved in the deployment and management of huge commercial deployments.