Achieve new levels of performance for Magento e-commerce sites.

Live Webinar: June 08, 2016 | 10:00 AM PDT

If you run a Magento store that is impacted negatively by catalog updates or indexing/reindexing, listen in. Avoid catalog updates impacting your checkouts, site downtime and long page view load time with the ClustrixDB for Magento Bundle. Created exclusively for high-volume/complex-catalog retailers, this replacement backend is a proven upgrade for Magento sites.

Let us show you how this all works. Recently, at this year’s Magento Imagine, we ran a LIVE demo of the ClustrixDB for Magento Bundle. Stats from the demo:

  • System ran for 50 hours — reindexing up to every 12 minutes.
  • 2.6 million orders processed (14.6 per second)
  • 147 million page views (816 per second)
  • Average Response time of 267ms
  • 0% error rate, 100% checkout uptime

In this webinar, we also cover:

  • How you can enable catalog updates to process in the background without affecting the normal operations of your site with the Clustrix Shadow (re)Indexer
  • A Magento-approved alternative database to MySQL that scales performance up/down as your add/subtract commodity nodes to the cluster. ClustrixDB has no read slaves, replication lag or sharding and Flexes Up and down to deliver exactly the right amount of performance and cost every month of the year.

Who should watch?

  • Magento partners who build or support large e-commerce sites
  • Business owners or technical leads running high growth Magento merchant sites.
  • Database administrators (DBAs) who work with Magento and MySQL

About the Speaker

Kevin Bortnick is an Magento Certified Developer and an architect specializing in large scale E-commerce and highly custom site development. He has over six years of Magento experience architecting and developing modules and installations including work for Mophie, Saudi Aramco, Home Depot and Stanford University, to name a few. His latest focus has been on pushing Magento’s boundaries and enhancing performance at every layer of the stack. Now at Clustrix, he’s looking to break through previous limitations and allow Magento to scale beyond what was previously thought possible.