Powerful and User-Friendly UI

ClustrixDB’s browser-based web UI makes database administrators’ lives so much easier!  It provides a user-friendly view into current demands on the database, delivering easily-accessible metrics on current transactions per second, CPU utilization and latency. The UI also provides new capabilities for identifying and remedying performance hiccups and slowdowns, should they occur.

In addition, the UI also includes tools that allow administrators more control and visibility for easily increasing and decreasing database resources in response to changes in demand (Flex Up/Down).  It also provides detailed information on Clustrix’s utilization of In-Memory resources – letting the administrator know well in advance of potential issues with capacity and performance.



ClustrixDB provides a visual summary of your database cluster. Quickly review key performance metrics including transactions per seconds, CPU utilization, and both read and write latency.



Quickly diagnose and resolve most performance issues with detailed information about key metrics and easy comparisons to spot anomalies and outliers.