ClustrixDB and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of internet sensor-based devices that connect to and communicate over the internet with one or more application platforms. This exciting class of smart devices are all around us today. From wearables to appliances to thermostats to HVAC systems, IoT devices are quickly becoming commonplace. The data that is collected from IoT devices is used to keep us apprised of what’s happening, what’s needed and when. From saving energy in data centers and homes, to medical devices implanted in people, to optimizing fleet routes to alerting that it’s time to replenish our coffee pods supply, IoT data helps us run the physical world more efficiently.

Internet of Things

A trickle becomes a wave of data

Wave of data

Sensing and transmitting small amounts of information to a database in the cloud is the primary job of IoT devices. But those ‘small amounts’ begin to add-up quickly. And large numbers of IoT devices turn that trickle of information into a huge wave to the database. Thus, choosing the right database to to store and use that information is important to your business and your customers.

Not all databases are created equal

Only some databases adhere to strict transactional guarantees for managing data that ensures that updates to the database are accurate and complete. These ACID Compliant, relational databases ensure that all transactions are processed completely — the database does not permit partial or ‘lost’ transactions. If you are managing monetary transactions, medical device data or providing an IoT-based paid service, you need to use an ACID compliant database.

ClustrixDB is an ACID compliant relational database that scales performance easily and is a drop-in replacement for MySQL.

Not all databases are created equal

ClustrixDB Scales easily and delivers high availability

ClustrixDB scales easily

ClustrixDB scales performance using commodity server or cloud hardware and it does so without complicated ‘read slaves’ and ‘sharding’ techniques. The ClustrixDB software was architected from the ground up to scale out without sharding or slaves. Each time you add more instances, performance increases almost linearly. ClustrixDB handles highly concurrent workloads making it suitable for the combination of WRITE heavy workloads and real-time reporting common to IoT applications. And whether it’s deployed as a small to a large cluster, from 3 nodes to more than 15 nodes, ClustrixDB is always a single database to your application. There are no application changes required as you scale-out the ClustrixDB cluster.

ClustrixDB is also a high availability RDBMS that is resilient to hardware failures. And we make the transition easy — ClustrixDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL. There is no need to update the application or queries and it typically takes minutes to migrate to ClustrixDB.

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