ClustrixDB is Elastic in both the Cloud and Datacenter

ClustrixDB is the only relational database that is elastic in the cloud and in the datacenter. Unlike traditional RDBMS, ClustrixDB was architected and built from the ground up to scale with the simple addition of commodity hardware – whether that hardware is an instance or a server. ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL and is an ideal solution for enterprises and institutions that need scale, high availability and flexibility from their ACID relational database.

Many organizations today are using a mix of data center hosting and cloud services (both public and private cloud). The data center offers enhanced security and managed services whereas Cloud resources available can be compelling for the flexibility to ‘rent’ instances for a short time, instead of committing to a full year or longer. With ClustrixDB, you can use the same RDBMS in both deployment environments, simplifying the management and administration of all OLTP applications. ClustrixDB is licensed as a subscription by the node or by the server.

ClustrixDB in the Cloud

ClustrixDB is ideal for the cloud. In addition to providing elastic scaling and ACID properties for your transactions, it also makes it easier to deal with some of the vagaries of the cloud. The cloud, unlike the datacenter, is unpredictable. You may not get the full performance from the instances, the neighbors to your environment might be noisy and cause instability; your cloud provider may move your instance without notice.

ClustrixDB clusters are highly reliable so if an instance becomes non-performant, your transactions don’t fail and you maintain consistency. And, it’s easy to move to a new instance in the event of an instance failure or sub-par performance without impacting the application. ClustrixDB supports Disaster Recovery clusters and replication in multiple geographies.

If you want to move from one cloud provider to another, that’s easy, too. It’s fast to expand your cluster with a few clicks of the mouse from the easy-to-use dashboard console. ClustrixDB runs in any cloud and many cloud providers offer ClustrixDB in their marketplaces such as AWS, Rackspace and Azure. ClustrixDB is easy to administer and manage from the web Dashboard.

ClustrixDB in the Cloud

ClustrixDB in the Datacenter

ClustrixDB in the Datacenter

ClustrixDB elasticity and ACID compliance are as valuable in the datacenter as the cloud. Expand your cluster with a few clicks of the mouse from the easy-to-use dashboard console. ClustrixDB supports Disaster Recovery clusters and replication in multiple geographies. Moving to another datacenter or to a cloud is fast and easy.

The ClustrixDB Flex license allows you to temporarily flex the size of the database to handle seasonal loads. Popular with e-commerce and other seasonal businesses, Flex is unique to ClustrixDB. Rather than provision for peak loads, you can provision for run-rate loads and flex up before your peak season.

How to Flex

If your business experiences seasonal spikes in demand, read more in this informative white paper:

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ClustrixDB in Hybrid of Datacenter and Cloud

ClustrixDB scales out equally well in the datacenter and cloud making it the perfect RDBMS choice for enterprises with a hybrid environment. The same RDBMS can be used for applications in either deployment environment simplifying administration and management.

ClustrixDB is designed to be a direct replacement for MySQL with no application or query changes for most cases. So, you can move all your MySQL applications over to ClustrixDB with little effort and time. Customers do move from SQL Server and Oracle and other popular RDBMS to ClustrixDB but more changes are generally required.

Scaling out traditional SQL databases is a big challenge and moving to ClustrixDB means never having to use master/slave, sharding or other “database gymnastics” to scale. Migrate all your applications – whether in the datacenter or cloud and you’ll be scaling with ease from then on.

Simply add commodity hardware – servers or instances – and the database just gets bigger. The application sees one database at all times with ClustrixDB no matter how big it gets.

ClustrixDB - Drop-in, easy to scale, replacement for MySQL

ClustrixDB is a scale-out database that is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. To your applications, a ClustrixDB cluster looks like a single MySQL database no matter how many nodes in the cluster. There are no application modifications needed to leverage ClustrixDB, and definitely no ‘difficult database workarounds’ needed.

There are no read slaves, multiple masters or sharding. ClustrixDB scales performance without any of that complexity, providing almost linear write and read scale for each commodity hardware or instance that is added. And ClustrixDB provides ACID compliance and high-availability. The loss of a ClustrixDB node will not cause the loss of any data, nor will it bring down your application.

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