ClustrixDB and the Adtech Industry

The Adtech business is a $50 billion dollar industry and it is growing at double digit rates. The Adtech companies include Data Management Platforms, Measurement companies, Trade Desks, Retargeting businesses and Ad Exchanges.

Adtech companies are responsible to ensure that the right ad shows up in front of the right consumer at just the right moment. Billions of times per day, marketplaces of ad buyers and sellers compete in real-time to present contextually interesting ads to consumers. The right ad can help the consumer make a purchase decision or learn about a product, service or opportunity that might interest them. When there is a good match between the ad and the consumer’s interest, everybody wins.

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The trouble with traditional relational databases and NoSQL

Broken Chain

Adtech companies rely on a relational database for the financial transactions which are core to their businesses. Relational, or SQL databases are required because they guarantee the immediate consistency and accuracy of these transactions, while NoSQL databases do not. The traditional relational databases, including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle (all but Real Application Clusters) and the like all share the same scale limitation – they were designed to run on a single server. If multiple servers are used in a master/slave, sharded or other configuration, aspects of ACID may be compromised, they may introduce a single point of failure, and application must be changed since the data is not all in one place. And, those scaling strategies result in slower performance the larger the scale. Eventually, they run out of steam altogether. But rather than shard or use READ slaves, what you really need is ClustrixDB, a scale-out database that gets bigger with the simple addition of commodity hardware.

ClustrixDB Scales Intelligently

Unlike MySQL and other relational databases, ClustrixDB was designed from the ground up to scale both reads and writes — near linearly and with no changes required to your application — as you add nodes of commodity hardware. Just add the hardware and performance increases, along with database capacity without sacrificing ACID and introducing a single point of failure.  

ClustrixDB is also a high availability solution and we make the transition easy – ClustrixDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL. Import your MySQL backup (‘dump’) file into ClustrixDB and point your application at ClustrixDB and you’re done. ClustrixDB supports high-speed parallel import so the import time is much shorter than the equivalent import on MySQL.

ClustrixDB Scales Intelligently

ClustrixDB: the right choice for Adtech

The right choice

Using ClustrixDB to back your Adtech product offers these benefits:

  • ClustrixDB is elastic: Whether you’re hosting in a datacenter or in the cloud, ClustrixDB scales out with the additional of commodity hardware/instances.
  • ClustrixDB scales easily, with a few clicks of the mouse
  • ClustrixDB scales without requiring changes to the application
  • ClustrixDB scales without compromising ACID or introducing a single point of failure
  • ClustrixDB can be used in all your deployment environments – public cloud, private cloud datacenter, colo and hybrid.
  • ClustrixDB is cloud agnostic: ClustrixDB has AMIs on Amazon, and deployment templates for Rackspace, Azure and other clouds

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