Scale, Performance, & Reliability for SaaS Providers

Confidence that your service will be there when your customers need it

Whatever SaaS offering you may be providing your customers, with ClustrixDB running underneath your applications you can be confident that the database can scale to meet your growing volume of users and transactions, with low latency to meet your response-time SLAs.

ClustrixDB is ideal for SaaS providers because not only does it provide elastic scaling and ACID guarantees for your transactions, it also makes it easier to deal with some of the vagaries of the cloud. ClustrixDB has features specifically designed to support superior cloud deployments allowing our customers to build high-performing, secure, highly available, and cost-effective SaaS operations.

What makes ClustrixDB ideal for SaaS providers?

   Scale & Performance

ClustrixDB easily handles the massive transaction volume that large and fast-growing SaaS applications need. ClustrixDB scales near linearly as you add nodes, even with highly concurrent workloads.The scale-out architecture of the cloud means that your SaaS applications can use ClustrixDB to seamlessly scale your offering as new users are added and transaction volume grows.

   High Availability & Resiliency 

ClustrixDB is designed to run your critical SaaS applications, providing both data redundancy, and resilience to multiple database server failure. Within a cluster, we keep multiple consistent copies of each slice of your data. You get automated recovery in the face of disk or instance failure, while your database stays available with no data loss, keeping your SaaS applications available to your customer at all times. This capability is significantly more robust than local master-slave configurations, where slaves can lag. Moreover, ClustrixDB’s new nResiliency feature further ensures that the database—and hence your SaaS application—remains available in the event of multiple simultaneous server or instance failures.

   Data Protection & Security

ClustrixDB delivers the highest level of data security, performance optimized for large-scale distributed computing and storage environments. Your customers’ data is protected with data-at-rest on ClustrixDB servers with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, the highest level attainable.

   Lower TCO 

ClustrixDB is designed to scale ‘elastically’ in the cloud or in a data center deployment. ClustrixDB’s Flex feature provides the ability to easily flex up, adding servers to service peak traffic, and then flex down when traffic returns to normal. This allows for significant money savings. You pay ONLY for the capacity you use.