A Better Way to Handle Seasonal Spikes

Why Pay for Capacity You Don’t Need?

The holidays mean many things to people: gift giving, trips home, winter sports, religious events and time with loved ones. For e-commerce providers, there’s another aspect: the holiday season can make or break your year.

If you’re a typical e-commerce provider, the holiday season represents 40% of your yearly revenue, and for many online businesses that number is even higher. Handling peak loads requires months of careful planning: analyzing customer trends, placing bets on what will be hot, procuring lines of inventory and finding the right balance in your pricing for maximizing conversion rates, profitability and growth.

And then there are the technical considerations. Behind the retail planning and supply logistics is your hosting platform, which must stand ready to serve up pages and capture orders to meet customer demand. That system must be sized for a window of peak demand, which could be short. The problem is that the capacity you need for your peak spike becomes excess capacity afterward. And you pay for that excess capacity even if you don’t need it after the holiday season.

There is now a better way to prepare for the holiday spikes in traffic and sales. Our product, ClustrixDB, allows you to temporarily add the additional transaction database capacity needed to handle the spike in holiday traffic, catalog updates and traffic before the holidays begin and to remove it after the holidays are over, saving you money. With ClustrixDB, adding and removing capacity is fast and easy – and it can be done without any site hiccups.

The Ability to ‘Flex’ Saves Money

ClustrixDB does for your database what the cloud does for servers. Because ClustrixDB allows you to add and remove nodes without disrupting your business, you can easily match your hosting resources to your near‐term needs.

Time to ramp up for peak season? Flex up by adding servers and instances to the ClustrixDB cluster to prepare for peak capacity. ClustrixDB will spread the data across the new nodes automatically.

Peak season over? Flex down by removing the extra servers and instances. The cluster will rebalance the workload. It’s that easy.

With Flex, you only pay for Holiday capacity over the Holidays Season.

Get Flex for the Holidays

Don’t spend more than you have to. Get Flex for the holidays. For more technical details on ClustrixDB and Flex licensing, check out the paper ‘Flex Up and Flex Down for Seasonal Demand’.

Call us 1 877.806.5357 and we’ll help you to save money this holiday season and position your web site for scale and fault tolerance for years to come.