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  • Scaling Techniques to Grow Magento E-Commerce Sites

    A quick analysis of the main techniques to scale Magento, from front-end to back-end. And an in-depth analysis of the currently-popular back-end scaling techniques.

    Scaling is why ClustrixDB was developed. Magento sites can replace MySQL with ClustrixDB and meet every criteria for an effective scaling solution.

  • How ClustrixDB RDBMS Scales Writes and Reads

    Distributed Relational Database Architecture: An Overview

    Scaling out a SQL RDBMS while maintaining ACID guarantees in realtime is a very large challenge. Most scaling DBMS solutions relinquish one or many realtime transactionality requirements. ClustrixDB achieves near-linear scaling of both write and read queries with full ACID compliance, by a combination of ‘bringing the query to the data’ and automatically distributing the data across all nodes in the cluster. Read this white paper for more information including how ClustrixDB leverages a Cascades Planner, MVCC, 2 Phase Locking, and the Paxos consensus protocol.

  • How To Flex Thumb

    How ClustrixDB Flex Works

    As your e-commerce site grows, your hosted infrastructure will need to scale to keep up with customer demand. Your website’s database is particularly vulnerable to a move – especially if it relies on a single server, as MySQL does. Moving to another server can involve considerable downtime as you dump the data off the system to be replaced and restore it to the new server with more capacity.

    ClustrixDB is a distributed SQL database that is designed to seamlessly scale horizontally – by adding cores and servers. ClustrixDB uses patented data distribution algorithms to distribute load and data across a cluster of nodes dynamically, all the while as a single logical database. A key advantage of ClustrixDB is the ability to add capacity (‘flex up’) and reduce capacity (‘flex down’) while maintaining high availability. This enables customers to tailor the amount of hosting capacity they acquire to their short-term needs, such as the period leading up to and including Black Friday.

    This document describes in more detail how Flex Up and Flex Down work on ClustrixDB.

    To learn more, read this paper: “How ClustrixDB Flex Works”

  • Better Way To Spike Thumb

    A Better Way To Handle Seasonal Spikes

    During periods of growth and traffic spikes at the holiday seasons, your e-commerce website needs to be able to handle the loads. Our product, ClustrixDB, allows you to temporarily add database capacity you need to get through those heavy traffic times.

    This document describes in more detail the benefits of Flexing Up and Flexing Down your database during seasonal spikes.

    To learn more, read this paper: “A Better Way to Handle Seasonal Spikes”

  • White Paper Thumb - Site Crash

    When Will My E-Commerce Site Crash

    The natural human tendency when using resources like a database is to utilize all of its capacity. This is dangerous with any database and especially in e-commerce when a sale or the holidays can drastically increase your load. If you leave less than 50% of your capacity available, a crash can follow. Most companies are going to push their capacity until they HAVE to. When you are at the upper limit, and keep pushing the database, you will crash.

    It is like playing Russian roulette.

    There is a better way! ClustrixDB is a MySQL-compatible distributed database architected to scale with high performance, reliability and resilience. Unlike other databases, ClustrixDB grows ever larger by simply adding commodity server hardware. It knows how to take advantage of increases – and decreases – in hardware by automatically rebalancing the load and managing transactions so the site doesn’t slow down or crash. For seasonal changes in demand, you can simply add the capacity you need via FLEX licensing.

    This paper will tell you more about how to gracefully scale.

  • Prepare For Evolution White Paper Thumb

    Prepare for the Evolution of Business Analytics Processing

    In today’s marketplace, companies with the latest insights gain an edge over less agile competitors. Read this white paper to learn how hybrid analytical processing tools, like ClustrixDB, are simplifying real-time analytics and making it more affordable and easier than ever for the SMB market to access.

  • Three Key Elements to Maintaining a Successful E-Commerce Website

    Three Key Elements to Maintaining a Successful E-Commerce Website

    Is the sky the limit for your e-commerce site? You may think so, but what happens when out of nowhere your website starts acting suspicious. If latency, bottlenecks and unplanned downtime are plaguing your e-commerce site, you may need to reevaluate your underlying database. Read this white paper to dive into common e-commerce site failures, explore the options you have for scaling your database, and learn how to turn pain into gain and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

  • Dragon Slayer White Paper Thumb

    Why Traditional SQL Databases Fail to Scale Effectively

    Whether you ask database administrators (DBAs) or application developers, they’ll tell you the same thing: Traditional SQL database scaling is an issue. Some might assert that’s because those databases were not designed to scale at any level, and certainly not to scale in the cloud. Others might say that those making the assertions simply lack the expertise to scale SQL databases.

    Thanks to ClustrixDB, a NewSQL scale-out cloud database,  scalability is not only achieved, it’s achieved easily—and inexpensively. The innovative database was designed specifically with the cloud in mind. ClustrixDB has a feel like the off-the-shelf SQL databases that DBAs have used for years. Yet it does not suffer the limitations that bind traditional SQL databases. What’s more, it can be delivered as software, software in commodity hardware or a cloud instance running in a virtual machine.

    Read this white paper, written by Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting to further explore this subject.

  • Is Your E-Commerce Platform Slowing You Down?

    After countless hours spent meticulously creating your business plan and launching your e-commerce platform, here you are a few months later and business couldn’t be better. Every day, website traffic is steadily increasing as more customers hear about your brand and fall in love with what you have to offer.

    With that increase in traffic comes a corresponding increase in sales and, as such, you feel as though the sky is the limit in terms of how much your business will grow. A er all, customers are increasingly making digital purchases. In fact, recent research indicates that the U.S. retail e-commerce market will take in more than $300 billion this year. By 2018, that number is projected to approach $491 billion.

    Read this white paper to further explore this subject.

  • Clustrix_AdTech_WP

    Beyond ETL: How to Leverage 5x More Data on Every Bid

    The ability to effectively target consumers and optimize the performance of a single ad or entire campaign in real time is the primary goal of every digital advertising company. To meet this goal, advertisers need more than simple performance metrics. They have to analyze massive volumes of data, generate reports and gain detailed insight to continuously refine advertising strategies — all in real time.

    Read this white paper to learn how digital advertisers can address these critical advertising technology challenges using ClustrixDB and build innovative applications that deliver real-time analytics on live operational data while supporting massive transaction volumes. By leveraging a combination of intelligent data distribution and distributed query processing across commodity hardware, ClustrixDB makes it easy to scale as the database workload grows.

  • Thumbnail of White Paper: Get Database Scale without Limits and Lower TCO on AWS

    Get Database Scale without Limits and Lower TCO on AWS

    The move to cloud computing is changing the face of the computer industry, and at the heart of this change is elastic computing. Modern applications now have diverse and demanding requirements that leverage the cloud to achieve scale. As demand grows, applications add new webservers and storage nodes to add capacity, but scaling your database hasn’t been as straightforward. Vertica and Hadoop are good scale-out solutions for offline analytics. Scale-out NoSQL solutions work well for non-critical or unstructured data. But scaling a primary SQL database that can concurrently run transactions and real-time analytics remains a challenge.

    Download this white paper to learn how ClustrixDB addresses these challenges.

  • Driving the New Wave of High Performance E-Commerce Applications

    Driving the New Wave of High Performance E-Commerce Applications

    How NewSQL Delivers Speed, Scale, and Simplicity

    Many mid-sized e-commerce companies can win or lose in today’s hyper-competitive market based on how well they use their data—both in day-to-day operations and in analytics.

    In this paper, learn how a powerful NewSQL database, ClustrixDB, is key to bringing the performance of distributed computing to e-commerce applications, giving companies a competitive advantage right when it’s needed most.

  • Thumbnail of White Paper: Why Database Operations Hit a Wall

    Why Database Operations Hit a Wall

    An operations team often goes from uninterrupted scaling to a complete meltdown. The problem is that the database your team is using only scales to a certain point. The company is rapidly growing and you plan to have a “company making” weekend. Then, something bad goes wrong. The MySQL server has reached capacity in terms of its ability to process requests, resulting in lost users, business and opportunity. This is a fundamental flaw in design of any database that can’t do clustering for scale-out. 

    Read this white paper to learn how ClustrixDB can solve this problem and grows simply by adding nodes into the cluster, saving you hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars, in development cost and unplanned downtime.

  • Thumbnail of White Paper: A New Approach: Clustrix Sierra Database Engine

    A New Approach to Scale-Out RDBMS

    ClustrixDB is a scale-out SQL database that is designed to scale horizontally – by adding cores and servers. The shared-nothing architecture provides an entirely new approach to query resolution by moving the query to the data – not the data to the query. Learn how this revolutionary technology makes it possible to scale a single database across nodes, and still support massive concurrency while delivering high performance, full relational functionality, transactional consistency (ACID), and seamless  deployment.