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    Scalable SQL Database for AWS: High-value, High-transaction Workloads with ClustrixDB

    This ESG Lab Review documents the high levels of transactional performance achievable when leveraging Clustrix’s next-generation, scale-out SQL database on Amazon AWS. Performance was compared to two competing cloud database offerings, with a goal of showing how the ClustrixDB database architecture breaks the mold of traditional RDBMS architectures. Read the Report.

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    Benchmark: Magento with ClustrixDB in the Cloud

    During peak season or fast growth, the last thing you want is to lose orders because your e-commerce site buckles under the load and can’t keep up with demand. To establish that ClustrixDB can scale Magento solutions to a scale MySQL cannot, ClustrixDB has executed benchmarks that prove industry-leading performance for Magento applications hosted on cloud infrastructure.

    This benchmark highlights that Clustrix, with it’s patented architecture that distributes work across multiple servers, scales far beyond MySQL. Because Clustrix can add power by adding systems to the database, the benchmark was focused on scale alone. Our technical objective was to push Magento application servers to levels not obtainable with a MySQL server.

  • The State of Online Shopping: 2014 Survey

    The State of Online Shopping: 2014 Survey

    Clustrix surveyed more than 500 consumers to help e-tailers better understand the current trends of online shopping. Read this report to learn more.

  • 451 Research – ClustrixDB

    451 Research – ClustrixDB

    The latest update to Clustrix’s database product is available as a software-only download for the first time, in addition to the existing hardware appliance and availability on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. The company is looking to expand the profile of its database for real-time analysis on operational workloads.

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    GigaOM: Understanding choices for DBaaS

    With your growing e-commerce website, you need to overcome many obstacles including traffic spikes, crashes and slow downs. Optimizing your website and the database you run it on can help keep your customers happy and coming back for more. ClustrixDB allows e-commerce companies to flexibly scale to handle peak loads and run real-time analytics to maximize revenue. This GigaOm report examines the emerging technologies that can help optimize your e-commerce site to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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    IDC Key Considerations for Optimizing Real-time Analytics

    Enterprises are encountering a seismic shift in database technology and capability. This shift is expressed in a variety of ways, from columnar data organization to in-memory database software. There are in-memory real-time analytics options that are platform based and involve a transformation of the datacenter, but not every company is in a position to do this and can afford the expense entailed.

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    OVUM: On the Radar

    Clustrix is a distributed SQL data platform that is based on solid state drive (SSD, also known as “Flash”). It is one of a second generation of Advanced SQL/NewSQL data platforms. With the first generation focused on analytics, the recent wave of platforms has targeted highly distributed, Internet-scale deployments suited for OLTP instead of, or in addition to, analytic processing.