Case Studies

  • Afftrack’s SaaS architecture was originally built around MySQL, but as Afftrack’s business took off, MySQL couldn’t scale-out to keep up with their huge volume of time-sensitive transactions. Read more about how Afftrack runs their entire business on the ClustrixDB relational database including their application platform, billing, account management, and support infrastructure in this case study.

  • viverae logo

    Employing the services of ClustrixDB is a move Viverae believes will eliminate potential performance issues. As a high-growth company in the health and wellness industry, Viverae needed a scalable platform that could keep up with its growth, provide high availability, reduce overall operational costs, and increase time spent implementing user functionality that helps fuse wellness and technology.

  • Choxi is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the U.S. with 1,023% growth in revenue and 15-20x traffic peaks in the holiday season. Choxi used RDS and was hitting the limits of scale. They struggled with availability costing up to $60,000/hour, getting insight into database issues, and timely support. Clustrix Database as a Service (DBaaS) has provided better availability, higher performance, and significantly better support.

  • Photobox

    Photobox is a leading e-commerce company that allows you to buy photo prints and personalized gifts. With ClustrixDB, Photobox no longer worries about database performance, availability, or capacity.

  • iOffer is a rich e-commerce plaform that is closer to the eBay marketplace with bidding. It requires rich analytics in addition to transactions. iOffer went in search of a system that would solve their performance issues. iOffer’s lead engineer had predicted that sharding was not too far in the future and wanted to avoid it at all costs. They switched instead to ClustrixDB and haven’t looked back.

  • MakeMyTrip Logo

    MakeMyTrip is the leading travel site in India and it is running two ClustrixDB clusters as multi-master in two regions,  which removed a single point of failure. MakeMyTrip frequently experiences 50% spikes in traffic that no longer cause slow page-load times and costly downtime.

  • MobileBridge Logo

    MobileBridge used Clustrix to grow beyond MySQL on its high-end AWS instance, which was struggling with query load and concurrency. They looked up Clustrix on AWS Marketplace, spun up a cluster using the easy-to-use installer, migrated their MySQL database, and went into production.

  • ShortStack Logo

    ShortStack is a cutting-edge SaaS platform for Facebook that helps individuals and organizations publish rich and engaging Facebook apps, allowing anyone to run contests, promotions, sweepstakes, and more.

  • the Ladders Logo

    Ladders, a leading job site, chose ClustrixDB to eliminate several problems: 1) the need to shard data, 2) the master database single point of failure, 3) a single box memory limit, and 4) write bottlenecks (including single-threaded MySQL replication).

  • Logo is the leading dating site in Europe. has the largest scale-out SQL deployment in the world, with 336 cores. As they have grown to tens of millions of users, ClustrixDB has allowed them to scale with no database work. They have experienced linear scale from 3 nodes to a 21-node master.