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  • High Performance, Real-Time Analytics: Reality or Myth?

    During this event Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research digs deeper into the advantages of real-time analytics, examines today’s complex database ecosystem and provides insights into technologies that can deliver on the true promise of real-time analytics.

  • The Real Story Behind Scale-up vs. Scale-out Databases

    In this Gigaom webinar, our expert panelists discuss a new generation of scale-out SQL databases, where they are being deployed in the real world and where they fit alongside other technologies like NoSQL and in-memory databases.

  • 451 Research – ClustrixDB

    The latest update to Clustrix’s database product is available as a software-only download for the first time, in addition to the existing hardware appliance and availability on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. The company is looking to expand the profile of its database for real-time analysis on operational workloads

Case Studies

  • Logo for is the leading dating site in Europe. has the largest scale-out SQL deployment in the world, with 336 cores. As they have grown to tens of millions of users, ClustrixDB has allowed them to scale with no database work. They have experienced linear scale from 3 nodes to a 21-node master.

  • Logo for nomorerack

    Nomorerack is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the U.S. with 1,023% growth in revenue and 15-20x traffic peaks in the holiday season. Nomorerack used RDS and was hitting the limits of scale. They struggled with availability costing up to $60,000/hour, getting insight into database issues, and timely support. Clustrix Database as a Service (DBaaS) has provided better availability, higher performance, and significantly better support.

  • Logo for EngageBDR

    Engage:BDR is a leading integrated digital advertising company. ClustrixDB has allowed them to scale operation and run order-of-magnitude faster analytics. The company doesn’t spend nearly as much time or effort maintaining the database, since it is self-managing for the most part. This advantage has allowed the company to focus on building features for their clients, and thus building their business.

  • Logo for ShortStack

    ShortStack is a cutting-edge SaaS platform for Facebook that helps individuals and organizations publish rich and engaging Facebook apps, allowing anyone to run contests, promotions, sweepstakes, and more.

  • MobileBridge used Clustrix to grow beyond MySQL on its high-end AWS instance, which was struggling with query load and concurrency. They looked up Clustrix on AWS Marketplace, spun up a cluster using the easy-to-use installer, migrated their MySQL database, and went into production.

  • Logo for MakeMyTrip

    MakeMyTrip is the leading travel site in India and it is running two ClustrixDB clusters as multi-master in two regions,  which removed a single point of failure. MakeMyTrip frequently experiences 50% spikes in traffic that no longer cause slow page-load times and costly downtime.

  • Logo for AdScience

    The real-time ad bidding industry is highly competitive and moves at lightning speed. AdScience’s proprietary algorithms are the “secret sauce” that keeps them ahead of the competition. The company wanted to create an infrastructure that could cope with the demands of the ad bidding systems and to best support their algorithm, which relies primarily on users’ historical data.

  • Logo for AOL

    AOL serves more than 65 million web pages a day. With their Clustrix deployment, each data center now has a fault-tolerant, scalable database that can grow with the data set and increasing load. All servers attach to the same databases and always see a consistent view of the data. With the Clustrix architecture, AOL can greatly expand the HSS deployment throughout the company, consolidate servers, and save money and time.

  • Logo for The Ladders

    Ladders, a leading job site, chose ClustrixDB to eliminate several problems: 1) the need to shard data, 2) the master database single point of failure, 3) a single box memory limit, and 4) write bottlenecks (including single-threaded MySQL replication).

  • Logo for Photobox

    Photobox is a leading e-commerce company that allows you to buy photo prints and personalized gifts. They get spikes in traffic during holiday season and run promotions. With ClustrixDB, Photobox no longer needs to worry about database performance or capacity.

  • Logo for iOffer

    iOffer is a rich e-commerce plaform that is closer to the eBay marketplace with bidding. It requires rich analytics in addition to transactions. iOffer went in search of a system that would solve their performance issues. iOffer’s lead engineer had predicted that sharding was not too far in the future and wanted to avoid it at all costs. They switched instead to ClustrixDB and haven’t looked back.

  • Logo for Rafter

    Rafter is a leader in e-commerce for textbooks , and they required high availability and performance through growth. The MySQL compatibility of Clustrix mitigated the cost and complexity of database migration–no application rewrites necessary. Clustrix eliminated the headache around creating (and maintaining) a sharded architecture. If Rafter needed to expand the database, they could simply plug in more nodes and the database load would automatically be redistributed.

  • Logo for MedExpert

    MedExpert is the leading source of current, unbiased, accurate, and customized medical information, with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes and reducing costs. MedExpert’s Individual Medical Decision System needed to be able scale to 100 million+ users for Medicare expansion. Moving from Microsoft SQL Server to ClustrixDB allowed them to scale and prepare for further growth.


  • 451 Research – ClustrixDB

    The latest update to Clustrix’s database product is available as a software-only download for the first time, in addition to the existing hardware appliance and availability on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. The company is looking to expand the profile of its database for real-time analysis on operational workloads

  • Thumbnail for Report: GigaOM: Understanding Choices Database as a Service

    GigaOM: Understanding choices for DBaaS

    In the past couple of years, we’ve seen more innovation in the SQL database management system (DBMS) category than in the 30-plus years since commercial products became available. The past decade’s web 2.0 sites have mostly driven this innovation, which looks to bridge some of the gap between NoSQL DBMS and MySQL.

  • Thumbnail for Report: IDC Key Considerations for Optimizing Real-Time Analytics

    IDC Key Considersations for Optimizing Real-timeAnalytics

    Enterprises are encountering a seismic shift in database technology and capability. This shift is expressed in a variety of ways, from columnar data organization to in-memory database software. There are in-memory real-time analytics options that are platform based and involve a transformation of the datacenter, but not every company is in a position to do this and can afford the expense entailed.

  • Thumbnail for Report: Ovum Report July 2013

    OVUM: Above the radar

    Clustrix is a distributed SQL data platform that is based on solid state drive (SSD, also known as ”Flash”). It is one of a second generation of Advanced SQL/NewSQL data platforms. With the first generation focused on analytics, the recent wave of platforms has targeted highly distributed, Internet-scale deployments suited for OLTP instead of, or in addition to, analytic processing.



White Papers

  • Beyond ETL: How to Leverage 5x More Data on Every Bid

    The ability to effectively target consumers and optimize the performance of a single ad or entire campaign in real time is the primary goal of every digital advertising company. To meet this goal, advertisers need more than simple performance metrics. They have to analyze massive volumes of data, generate reports and gain detailed insight to continuously refine advertising strategies — all in real time. This white paper explains how digital advertisers can address these critical advertising technology challenges using ClustrixDB.

  • Ruby on Rails Database Benchmark: Clustrix and MySQL

    The primary goal of the benchmark was to compare performance of a standard web-hosted MySQL server with standard three-node and sixnode Clustrix clusters using real-world workloads. To accurately achieve this goal, it was necessary to use a benchmark that runs in the same way, and that provides the same statistics, for both MySQL and Clustrix.

  • Thumbnail of White Paper: Get Database Scale without Limits and Lower TCO on AWS

    Get Database Scale without Limits and Lower TCO on AWS

    The move to cloud computing is changing the face of the computer industry, and at the heart of this change is elastic computing. Modern applications now have diverse and demanding requirements that leverage the cloud to achieve scale. As demand grows, applications add new webservers and storage nodes to add capacity, but scaling your database hasn’t been as straightforward. Vertica and Hadoop are good scale-out solutions for offline analytics. Scale-out NoSQL solutions work well for non-critical or unstructured data. But scaling a primary SQL database that can run transactions and real-time analytics remains a challenge.

  • How to Harness the Power of DBaaS and the Cloud to Achieve Application Performance

    To run large data set applications in the cloud, and run them well, businesses and other organizations have embraced the concept and practice of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). All too often, however, these organizations have found that even as DBaaS helps to address some challenges, it exacerbates others, increasing complexity and unpredictability and jeopardizing performance. To address this dilemma, Clustrix, the scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, and GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure provider, have introduced a hybrid solution that combines the power of high-end appliance architecture and the elasticity of a proven cloud environment.

  • Cover page of White Paper: The Scalable Database: Why Sharding Doesn't Work

    The Scalable Database: Why Sharding Doesn’t Work

    At Clustrix we’ve been focused on creating a scalable database system that grows online through clustering. The database itself lives across the nodes in the cluster. This allows the system to not be constrained by the size of any single piece of hardware. This also allows the system to route around faults and be easily managed as a unit. This page describes why we are so focused on scalability in our products.

  • Thumbnail of White Paper: Why Database Operations Hit a Wall

    Why Database Operations Hit a Wall

    An operations team often goes from uninterrupted scaling to a complete meltdown. The problem is that the database your team is using only scales to a certain point. The company is rapidly growing and you plan to have a “company making” weekend. Then, something bad goes wrong. The MySQL server has reached capacity in terms of its ability to process requests, resulting in lost users, business and opportunity. This is a fundamental flaw in design of any database that can’t do clustering for scale-out. Instead of having your dev team embark on a giant software development project, you can install a Clustrix database.

  • Thumbnail of White Paper: Percona TPCC Performance Paper

    Percona TPCC Performance Paper

    To evaluate the performance of Clustrix, we ran the tpcc-mysql benchmarking utility with a scale factor of 5000 warehouses. The purpose of running tpcc-mysql on each system was to determine:
    • The median throughput of each system
    • The 90% response time provided by each system

  • Thumbnail of White Paper: A New Approach: Clustrix Sierra Database Engine

    A New Approach: Clustrix Sierra Database Engine

    The Sierra Clustered Database Engine, the technology at the heart of the Clustrix solution, is a shared-nothing environment that includes the Sierra Parallel Planner and the Sierra Distributed Execution Engine. Sierra provides an entirely new architectural approach to query resolution. It moves the query to the data, not the data to the query. Learn how this revolutionary database technology makes it possible to scale a single database across nodes, and still support massive concurrency and deliver high performance, full relational functionality, transactional consistency (ACID), and seamless deployment.