MySQL Compatible

Migrate Smoothly from MySQL

Easy drop-in replacement when you’ve outgrown MySQL

ClustrixDB allows you to continue to use your SQL code and SQL skills. For MySQL users, the code changes required are minimal. Clustrix can be set up as a slave to MySQL and promoted to master, while your database and application are running.

Migrating to ClustrixDB is significantly simpler than a move to NoSQL or sharded MySQL, which requires a lot more effort and precious engineer time upfront in the application, as well as ongoing operational costs thereafter.

ClustrixDB is built from scratch and does not include any MySQL code. However, ClustrixDB has a personality module that allows it to speak MySQL protocol with a few differences, mostly in corner cases as a result of its distributed nature. The list of differences is well documented and most customers are able to migrate with few or no code changes. For a more technical look at our MySQL compatibility, explore our MySQL Docs.