Benchmark: Beyond Aurora. Scale-out SQL databases for AWS.

As enterprises move to AWS, they have great choices for MySQL compatible databases. Knowing the best database for the specific job can save you time and money. At the February meeting for Amazon Web Services – Bay Area Meet Up Group, high-performance databases for AWS were discussed and findings based on a benchmark test that simulates the workload of a high-transaction AWS-based solution were shared.

If you missed this presentation, work with high transactional workloads, and you need a relational database to keep track of economically valuable items like revenue, inventory and monetary transactions, we are holding the presentation about the strengths and weaknesses of Aurora and other MySQL solutions for AWS again as a webinar on March 3, 2016.

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Exclusive Invitation: ESG Validation on ClustrixDB Benchmark against Amazon Aurora

We are currently working on a report with ESG to validate the Benchmark data we have done internally against Amazon Aurora and MySQL. To receive an exclusive notification when it becomes available, fill out the form to the right.