Flex Up and Flex Down

Flex Up for Peak Traffic Periods

And flex back down when you no longer need excess capacity.

Seasonal businesses such as e-commerce have periods of the year where their applications experience extraordinary load due to higher-than-usual customer demand. Peak traffic might generate a 2x, 4x, or more additional load on the application, as often experienced by e-commerce stores. Insufficient database capacity is likely to result in poor site performance, downtime, and—unfortunately for your business—lost revenue. What’s more, customers unhappy with your site performance might never return, or worse share their experience on social media.

To avoid financial and customer-relations problems, many online businesses provision enough servers to handle the anticipated peak load. Provisioning for peak means over-provisioning for the non-peak periods, and overpaying for that peak capacity all year. Ideally, you want the capacity you need only when you need it. ClustrixDB delivers just that.

MySQL doesn’t scale for seasonal demand (nor does anyone else)

MySQL and other traditional relational databases were designed to run on a single server—so for seasonal businesses, the only option was to over-provision for most of the year in order to be ready to handle the peak season, even if that season is short. And once you’ve maxed out by using the biggest available server, strategies such as sharding or deploying write master/read slave configurations can be used, but they are just as inflexible when adding and subtracting capacity as with a single server.

ClustrixDB Flex allows for temporary scale during peak times

ClustrixDB is designed to scale “elastically” in the cloud or in a data center deployment. ClustrixDB’s Flex feature provides the ability to easily flex up to service peak traffic, and flex down when traffic returns to normal. This allows for significant money savings; you pay ONLY for the capacity you use.

With ClustrixDB, no read slaves are needed and no complicated sharding techniques need to be implemented.