ESG Benchmark Lab Report: Scalable SQL Database for AWS: High-value, High-transaction Workloads with ClustrixDB

This ESG Lab Review documents the high levels of transactional performance achievable when leveraging Clustrix’s next-generation, scale-out SQL database on Amazon AWS. Performance was compared to two competing cloud database offerings, with a goal of showing how the ClustrixDB database architecture breaks the mold of traditional RDBMS architectures. Based on the analysis, ESG Lab concluded that for organizations planning to leverage AWS to service their high-value, transactional database workloads where performance is of the utmost importance, ClustrixDB meets all the requirements.

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Benchmark Showdown: Which Relational Database is the Fastest on AWS?

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) presented their findings from a recent performance benchmark test configured for high-transaction, low-latency workloads running on AWS in this webinar.

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How high transaction, high-value database workloads perform when run on three popular databases solutions running on AWS.
  2. How key metrics like transactions per second (tps) and database response time (latency) can affect performance and customer satisfaction.
  3. How the ability to scale both database reads and writes is the key to unlocking performance on AWS