Unlimited Growth Potential for Your E-commerce Business

The database is the linchpin of an e-commerce site. If the database gets overloaded, your customers will have a frustratingly slow shopping experience. A database that goes down completely leaves you at risk for shoppers abandoning your site for a competitor and for losing revenue every second the site slows down. With Clustrix, that won’t happen. ClustrixDB is a scale-out database that uniquely meets the growth, performance, and availability requirements of today’s online retailers.

     Scaling Made Simple

Need more capacity? Just connect an additional server and go. ClustrixDB scales nearly linearly, even with highly concurrent workloads, to ensure a smooth shopping experience at all times, for all customers. Add capacity by simply adding nodes to the cluster with the click of the button.

     High Availability & Fault Tolerance

Increase site availability with a fully fault-tolerant database proven to maintain peak performance through massive sales spikes and explosive growth. ClustrixDB’s high availability architecture has no single point of failure. Within a cluster, we keep multiple consistent copies of each slice of data. You get automated recovery in the face of multiple disk or node failure, and your e-commerce site stays available with no data loss. This capability is significantly more robust than local MySQL master-slave configurations, where slaves can lag.

    ACID Compliance/nResiliency

ClustrixDB protects information with full ACID capabilities, ensuring transactional integrity and consistency. Our nResiliency feature ensures that the database—and hence the application—remains available in the event of multiple simultaneous server or instance failures.

     Flex Up & Flex Down

Flex up to support a surge in orders during the holidays or an influx of traffic from an ad campaign. Flex down to curb costs when capacity requirements are lower.

    Longer Application Life

Implementing ClustrixDB now avoids a highly disruptive re-platforming effort in the future. It’s the best insurance against site failures due to sales success, and a smart way to extend the life of an existing e-commerce application.