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Clustrix has been serving production workloads since 2008. Our largest customers have data sets with billions of rows, multiple terabytes of data, and very high transaction rates. Dive into our case studies for more details.

Customers by Industry

Green is the new black. Every Holiday Season, smart online businesses are using ClustrixDB to keep their website running around the clock with no hiccups, crashes, or slow downs. ClustrixDB is allowing e-commerce companies to flexibly scale to handle peak loads and run real-time analytics to maximize revenue.
Consumer web services can quickly grow to serve millions of users with applications such as file sharing services, where files for millions of users are maintained with correct versioning over time. The challenge here is that there is a high volume of customer information and metadata associated with the assets and inventories. This customer information may have to be integrated with processed sources of data, such as social streams. ClustrixDB provides transactional guarantees, high data read and write throughput, and analytics and reports for the business.
New social, mobile, and gaming applications can grow really fast as they become successful or popular, and then companies scramble to add new features. Downtime or poor performance can turn the newly engaged users away and lose the opportunity. These applications are usually built for the cloud and require scale-out solutions where capacity can be added cheaply and incrementally by adding new nodes as load increases. After their initial success, these companies need to monetize and require increasingly rich analytics. ClustrixDB is available in public clouds by self-deployment or as a service and allows these fast-growing companies to not worry about the database and focus on adding features with a minimal amount of operational and management effort.
The Healthcare industry is rapidly modernizing to simultaneously bend the cost curve of healthcare services and deliver better patient care. Fueled by new regulations such as the Affordable Care Act, an unprecedented wave of new online services are being launched that analyze up-to-date medical research, run healthcare exchanges, remotely monitor patients for both wellness and urgent care, and automate front office patient experience for hospitals and clinics. The goal is always to focus investment on the medicine and not technology, so companies running these services have limited IT staff, budget, and skills. Yet the application data must both meet changing compliance regulations and be mission critical, because someone’s life may literally depend on the right answer in seconds. ClustrixDB is used to analyze medical research and run online healthcare services, connecting large amounts of medical information and up-to-date patient or clinical trials with a self-managing database-as-a-service that never loses data.
Online digital advertising is a fast-moving and competitive space with rapid growth in real-time bidding alongside ad networks. Applications serve billions of ads and at the same time ingest a high volume of data to understand what is working, including impressions, clicks and conversion statistics. The latency requirements are demanding and users need insights with real-time analytics to connect the dots and make decisions. ClustrixDB is used by our customers for ad serving, ad networks, ad exchanges, and both demand- and supply-side platforms giving our customers a simplified environment, scale without engineering work, and analytics that are an order of magnitude faster than their previous solutions.

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