Come see us at Percona Live 2016
April 18 – 21, 2016

Are you tired of supporting complicated MySQL installations?  Arrays of lagging Read Slaves?  Complicated Multi-Master replication without significant write-scale?  Increasingly fragile Sharding topologies that get harder and harder to support? What if MySQL could scale-out like web servers and NoSQL databases?  Join us and learn about a MySQL compatible database which actually Scales-Out: Each new database node adds linear write and read scale, providing 10x the performance of MySQL without modifying your enterprise applications.

Come to our breakout session titled “Scaling MySQL: Strategies, Challenges, and a Better Solution” to hear Dave Anselmi, Director of Product Management discuss all of this and more.

Stop by booth 403, pick up some swag and participate in our raffle to win an Anki Overdrive race set!

Percona Live 2016, Data Performance Conference Santa Clara, April 13-16, 2015

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Why Clustrix?

ClustrixDB is a distributed SQL database built for high-value, high-transaction applications.

Designed for the cloud, ClustrixDB offers built-in high availability and is largely self-managing. With ClustrixDB you simply add database servers to grow capacity, throughput, and eliminate downtime due to hardware failures.

ClustrixDB Design

ClustrixDB is architected for scaling both on premise and the cloud.

Designed to help your site grow fast, ClustrixDB takes the pain out of scaling by automating all of the complicated database operations traditionally performed to increase throughput, capacity, and high availability.