Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Will You Be Making Green or Seeing Red?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching and if history repeats itself, Amazon and other online retailers may be in big trouble once again. With 80% of an e-commerce site’s revenue captured during the 2-3 month holiday season, database admins and system architects are scrambling to prepare for potential failures, overloads and outages. Amazon Prime Day, for two consecutive years, couldn’t scale the volumes of simultaneous transactions, leaving customers frustrated and unable to check out – resulting in poor customer experiences, lost revenues and a Twitter explosion of #primedayfail. Your shelves are stocked and ready, but is your database? Watch the replay to find out!

In this webinar, we reviewed:

    • E-commerce and the impact of critical database outages
    • Perennial failures: What they look like and how to avoid them
    • Why the need for RDBMS and ACID
    • The challenges of scaling your database
    • Considerations for the next big push


Dave Anselmi

About the Speaker

Dave Anselmi is Director of Product Management at Clustrix and brings over 17 years of product management, integration, and project management experience in database technology and


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