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  • Why Traditional Databases Fail so Miserably to Scale with E-Commerce Site Growth

    Traditional SQL database scaling in e-commerce is a difficult, tedious, labor-intensive, and ultimately unsustainable process. Many DBAs and IT organizations have come to the conclusion that the traditional SQL databases, like MySQL, fundamentally cannot keep up and scale with the explosive growth of e-commerce. They say it’s just too unwieldy and costly because SQL databases were not designed to truly scale, and especially to e-commerce cloud scale. Yet there are plenty of database professionals that hold the contrarian view that anyone that believes traditional databases don’t scale simple lacks the knowledge, experience, and expertise to actually make them do so.

    So who’s right? Do traditional SQL databases have an e-commerce cloud scale issue or not? 

    During this webinar Marc Staimer, President and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting and Tony Barbagallo, Chief Marketing Officer for Clustrix, will examine this issue in detail, how traditional SQL databases scale, common workarounds to known e-commerce cloud scale problems, e-commerce scaling requirements, and organizational tolerance for manually labor-intensive sweat equity.

    Please join us for a lively, entertaining, and educational discussion.

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