E-Commerce Database Leader Clustrix Partners with Platinum Magento Hosting Partner ZeroLag

Clustrix’s scale-out database improves site performance and reliability for ZeroLag’s Magento merchants

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Apr 14, 2015 - Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the needs of large and fast growing e-commerce sites, today announced a new partnership with ZeroLag, a premier hosting provider for Magento merchants. As a result of the partnership, ZeroLag’s e-tailers are able to leverage ClustrixDB to “supersize” their Magento sites.

ClustrixDB is ideal for Magento e-tailer sites that need high transaction performance and want seasonal flexibility. With ClustrixDB, Magento merchants will benefit from:

  • Scale-Out SQL: ClustrixDB allows database servers to be seamlessly added an existing cluster with absolutely no downtime.
  • Flex: To meet seasonal demand, e-commerce retailers can add ClustrixDB capacity and then reduce the capacity once the season is over. By only paying for the capacity when it’s needed, e-tailers save money.
  • Maximum Performance: Provides up to five times more read and write performance than Magento with MySQL.
  • High Availability: Automatically recovers from hardware failures to ensure an always-on shopping experience.
  • Workload Management: Prioritizes e-commerce customer transactions over customer analytics and background housekeeping, guaranteeing shoppers have the smoothest and fastest experience possible.
  • Data Availability: Ensures data is available directly on each database server, improving content load-times and meta-data responsiveness.

“We’re excited to welcome ZeroLag to our growing partner ecosystem,” said Mike Azevedo, Clustrix CEO. “This partnership will provide Magento merchants with the ability to smoothly scale, improve site reliability and “flex” capacity to handle holiday demand.”

Designed for Magento merchants, ZeroLag’s fully-managed hosting services are custom configured to suit specific application and business requirements and are upgradable to accommodate growth demands. ZeroLag delivers managed hosting services to many popular websites and applications for clients including the NFL, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, and VF Brands.

“ZeroLag is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Clustrix,” said Will Bernstein, ZeroLag Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Together, we are able to offer large e-commerce merchants a Magento solution that will scale to meet the most demanding resource requirements. By combining our hosting services with Clustrix’s scalable database, our merchants will not only have 24/7 access to support services, but they’ll have the ability to offer their customers a highly-responsive and always-on shopping experience.”

ZeroLag will host an interactive discussion at Magento Imagine titled, “Supersizing Magento” on Tuesday, April 21 in Las Vegas. The session will take a look at two technologies—Clustrix and Instart Logic—that, when combined, have unprecedented potential to transform Magento merchants’ platforms into a supremely scalable and remarkably robust solution. For more details on Magento Imagine, visit http://imagine2015.magento.com

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About ZeroLag

Based in Los Angeles, California, ZeroLag provides fully managed cloud and hosting services for many popular websites and applications for clients including the NFL, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, and VF Brands.  ZeroLag is a Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, one of only three Dell Cloud Partners, and a Microsoft Silver Hosting Partner. For more information, contact ZeroLag at 877-ZERO-LAG (937-6524) or visit http://www.zerolag.com.