Do Site Hiccups Cause Lost Sales in Your Magento Store? They shouldn’t!

Clustrix webinar demos how you can maintain peak performance under heavy traffic and indexing

San Francisco, CA - Jun 3, 2016 - Does your Magento store experience slow checkouts and delayed pageview loads under heavy site traffic? Do you lose sales thanks to downtime caused by catalog updates? It’s a common tale, but it doesn’t have to be your story any more. Magento Certified Developer Kevin Bortnick will explain why companies don’t have to settle for poor performance in a webinar airing on June 8 at 10:00 AM PDT. To learn how ClustrixDB for Magento demonstrated 100 percent store uptime and zero errors under extreme workloads, and while re-indexing, register now at:

Shedding the Magento status quo: no performance hiccups
Bortnick will explain the results of the recent live demo of the ClustrixDB for Magento bundle that took place at this year’s Magento Imagine Conference, in which:

  • The Magento store ran for 50 hours during which it processed 2.6 million orders, averaging 14.6 checkouts per second
  • A catalog update triggered reindexing every 12 minutes
  • The site delivered 147 million page views (816 per second)

The results: Clustrix achieved an average response time of 267 milliseconds, with 0% error rate and 100% checkout uptime under these conditions. In this webinar, Bortnick will explain how fast-growing businesses can achieve similar performance. With ClustrixDB for Magento, your Magento site will deliver a superior customer experience even on the biggest selling days of the year. And you can perform catalog updates without affecting normal site operations or impacting the user experience.

Flexing database power: how to pay for exactly what you need, not a penny more

Additionally Bortnick, who has architected large scale e-commerce modules and installations for Mophie, Saudi Aramco, Home Depot and Stanford University, will discuss how ClustrixDB–the Magento-approved drop-in database replacement for MySQL–scales performance up or down as you add or subtract commodity server nodes, with only a few clicks.

Without defaulting to the highly problematic techniques for scaling MySQL (such as read slaves, replication lag or sharding), this “scale out” ability allows ClustrixDB to flex up and down to deliver exactly the right amount of performance, at minimum cost, every month of the year.

Who should attend?

  • Magento partners who build or support large e-commerce sites
  • Business owners or technical leads running high growth Magento merchant sites
  • Database administrators (DBAs) who work with Magento and MySQL