Clustrix Turbocharges Magento Backend for High-Transaction E-Commerce Sites

ClustrixDB for Magento Enables Five Times the Performance Zero Downtime for Catalog Updates

San Francisco, Calif. - Apr 11, 2016 - Clustrix announced ClustrixDB for Magento, a replacement backend that allows online retailers to easily meet and exceed today’s e-commerce growth, performance and availability requirements. The solution bundles two Clustrix components that work together to produce remarkable results: ClustrixDB, the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications; and the Clustrix Shadow (re)Indexer, which removes downtime by allowing companies to update e-commerce catalogs without taking their system offline.

“ClustrixDB for Magento will help e-commerce companies stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market that’s seeing soaring social and mobile sales, rising expectations for responsiveness and personalization, and novel business models,” said Lindsey Anderson, VP of Sales, Clustrix.

Both the Community and Enterprise editions of ClustrixDB for Magento include drop-in replacements for the database and indexers, which work together to help Magento stores serve more customers, accommodate more catalog updates and process more orders.

The Shadow (re)Indexer

The Clustrix Shadow (re)Indexer is a drop-in replacement for key Magento indexers that allows you to perform updates without taking the system offline. It also:

  • Removes update delays
  • Reduces check-out interruptions due to catalog updates from minutes and hours, to just seconds
  • Significantly cuts down on the CPU load that’s required with standard Magento indexers


ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for the MySQL database that powers virtually all Magento e-commerce stores. A fully fault-tolerant database, it can:

  • Scale out to accommodate more than five times the traffic and orders of a typical Magento site
  • Offer unique Flex features that allow you to add more servers/nodes during peak seasons in minutes, and Flex down again when traffic returns to normal rates

ClustrixDB for Magento not only enables live reporting of e-commerce business performance, but also seamlessly integrates with other components in an e-commerce technology stack and resolves backend issues quickly, effortlessly and without costly application rewrites.

“E-commerce is a 24/7 global affair, and any interruption—whether it be poor performance, or taking your store offline to update it—spells lost revenue,” said Anderson. “With ClustrixDB for Magento, you can not only scale to any spike in traffic or checkouts, but also re-index your catalog any time—updates appear in your store in seconds without impacting site or checkout performance, and customers can continue to blissfully browse and shop on your site.”