Cloud Database

Fault Tolerant and Resilient

Finally, a relational database in the cloud you can bet your business on.

ClustrixDB protects you from many of the vagaries of the cloud. The cloud, unlike the datacenter, is unpredictable. For instance, you may not get the full performance from the instances, the neighbors to your environment might be noisy and cause instability, or your cloud provider may move your instance without notice. ClustrixDB has built-in technology specifically designed to mitigate these nebulous vagarities.  Features like self-managing operations, automated recovery within a cluster, asynchronous replication across geographies, and fast parallel back-ups allow Clustrix customers to build applications in the cloud with enterprise-grade fault tolerance and resiliency.

Self-managing Operations

Designed to support the DevOps mantra of simplifying and automating overhead, ClustrixDB is built to be self-managing. The ClustrixDB is instrumented to collect over 5,000 data points on all aspects of database functionality, and uses this data to anticipate, calculate and automate most DBA tasks with precision.

ClustrixDB automates data distribution across the cluster. The database maintains good health by evenly distributing data and query load across the cluster. Adding a node to the cluster requires a single command, the data and load automatically moves to the new cluster. Under heavy load or if any issues needs attention, the cluster e-mails the administrator requesting attention.


Automated Recovery within a Cluster

ClustrixDB maintains multiple copies of all data within a cluster. In case a node fails, the lost copies are automatically regenerated and redistributed across the cluster. Without lifting a finger, the cluster will recover from the failure and stay available throughout–all while being transparent to the application.

ClustrixDB is also the only database on the market designed to handle multi-node failure. The patented ClustrixDB nResiliency feature allows you to set up your Clustrix cluster to be fault tolerant up to n number of nodes failing at the same time by simply setting a parameter. The Clustrix Rebalancer will optimize data distribution for that number, and gracefully handle multi-node failures while maintaining availability. Of course, the Rebalancer can also deploy replacement nodes to replace the lost capacity immediately, letting you gracefully survive potentially catastrophic outages without lifting a finger.


Asynchronous Replication Across Geography

ClustrixDB allows asynchronous replication across geography for disaster recovery. Some ClustrixDB customers also use active-active multi-master deployment, similar to using another database such as MySQL.




Fast Parallel Backup

ClustrixDB is built with fast parallel backup for disaster recovery. This feature takes a consistent snapshot of the database controlled by MVCC, and the backup time does not increase with size of the database. ClustrixDB accomplishes this by spawning multiple datastreams from each node in parallel, allowing for up to 10x faster backups than on a similarly-sized MySQL dataset. For compatibility and migration, ClustrixDB also supports Mysqldump backup.