Percona Live 2017

Clustrix Returns to Percona Live in 2017 Clustrix is pleased to announce that we’ll be returning to Percona Live this year in Santa Clara as a Silver Sponsor. Attending Percona events around the world since 2012, Clustrix has established Percona Live Santa Clara as a close-to-home favorite. Who are we? […]

Google Cloud Spanner Joins Ranks of ClustrixDB as a Scale-Out ACID RDBMS

Clustrix Discusses the Significance of this Development Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out relational database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, recently commented on Google’s beta launch of Cloud Spanner (read more at According to Clustrix CEO Mike Azevedo, “Google is […]

New nResiliency from Clustrix First to Deliver Continuous Database Availability Through Simultaneous Multi-Node Failure

Easily Configurable to Data Sensitivity Needs, Allows Companies to Scale with Confidence San Francisco, Calif. – Jan 17, 2017 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out relational database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced its nResiliency feature which ensures that the […]

Clustrix and Zettaset Partner for Performance-Optimized RDBMS Encryption

Zettaset delivers the data protection, scalability and performance to support ClustrixDB’s scale-out SQL and massive throughput San Francisco, Calif. – Jan 11, 2017 – Clustrix, the leader in scale-out SQL and Zettaset, the leader in Big Data security, today announced a business and technology partnership that will transform data protection […]

The Gift That DOESN’T Keep on Giving: Excess Holiday Server Capacity

We see it every year–the merry-making of the holidays is followed by the obligatory New Year’s Day trip to the gym. But while the rest of us are working off our turkey and apple pie indulgences, e-commerce companies are trying to figure out what to do with the excess capacity […]

451 Research’s Jason Stamper Says ClustrixDB Ticks All the Boxes

  When it comes to enterprise data, few voices are as respected as Jason Stamper of 451 Research, who has been commenting on the space for more than 2 decades, and whose work essentially identified “NewSQL” as a category. So it’s no light thing that ClustrixDB was recently featured in […]

451 Research Report Extols Clustrix’ Performance Boost from In-memory Processing

Performance, Deployment, Security Upgrades Meet Growing Demand for Simpler DBMS Approach San Francisco, Calif. – Dec 22, 2016 – Clustrix (, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, was featured in a report by 451 Research titled […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gives Reality Check on Limits of Old-School Databases

Clustrix Points to Scale-out SQL as the Solution San Francisco, Calif. – Nov 29, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, observed some of the website performance problems experienced on Black Friday and Cyber […]

Cyber Monday Offers Reality Check on Limits of Old-School Databases

In the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, we see a man trapped in the nightmare of the same scenario repeating endless times. At first he fights against it, then he decides to go along with it, and finally despair kicks in. Only until he approaches the problem in an entirely […]

Cyber Monday Offers Reality Check on Limits of Old-School Databases

In the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, we see a man trapped in the nightmare of the same scenario repeating endless times. At first he fights against it, then he decides to go along with it, and finally despair kicks in. Only until he approaches the problem in an entirely […]

Clustrix to Showcase Scale-out Database at AWS re:Invent

Silver Sponsor Showcases Scale-out SQL, Raffles Fitbit Flex 2s San Francisco, Calif. – Nov 21, 2016 – Clustrix, which offers a scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, announced it will be a Silver Sponsor of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]

You’ve Outgrown Your MySQL Database, Now What?

MySQL has always been a great database option for companies in their infancy. It’s cheap and contains the basic functionality most organizations need. It is the simplest way to provide access to multiple databases for multiple users looking to sift through basic company structured data. Of course, as companies hit […]

Clustrix Outscales both Amazon Aurora and Google Cloud SQL

Third-party benchmarks highlight true “scale-out SQL” for high-transaction scenarios San Francisco, Calif. – Nov 10, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, demonstrated that its flagship relational database management system (RDBMS) ClustrixDB outperformed both […]

Big Data Is All Relative—or Relational

November 9, 2016 | Information Management But as we foam at the mouth over the next great revelation that will emerge from the Hadoop cluster, a new wave of cloud-enabled applications are testing the limits of our traditional relational database systems.  

A Good Time to Grow Up

  November 7, 2016 | CIO Outlook Today, the APAC region boasts of some of the world’s leading multinational organizations, and you can find some of them in the tech sector dominating our increasingly digital economy. Alibaba and Rakuten are e-commerce giants, InfoSys and Tata Consulting are two of the […]

Will China’s Singles Day Learn from Amazon Prime Day’s Mistakes? It May Depend on the Database under Alibaba’s Hood

  Last year, Alibaba turned what Business Insider’s Jeremy Burke called an “obscure, made-up Chinese holiday” into a shopping event that surpassed even Black Friday. On China’s Nov. 11 “Singles’ Day”, the company raked in $14.3B! Expectations are high for 2016, and Alibaba and other retailers are no doubt gearing […]

Clustrix Recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems

Evaluation based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute San Francisco, Calif. – Nov 2, 2016 – Clustrix (, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, was recently included in Gartner’s October 2016 Magic Quadrant for […]

Webinar: How to “Cyber Monday-proof” Your E-commerce Site

Clustrix to Reveal Pitfalls and Best Practices for Eliminating Failed Online Checkouts San Francisco, Calif. – Oct 31, 2016 – Black Friday/Cyber Monday is approaching and e-commerce companies are stocking their shelves, but even the best deals on the hottest products will fall flat if the customers can’t quickly complete […]

Top Companies for Operational Database Management

  October 10, 2016 | Information Management Research firm Gartner Group has just released its Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. In part one of this series, we looked at the companies named to the Leaders and the Challengers quadrants. Today we look at the top companies named as […]

Clustrix in the News: The Truth About Database Cloud Migration, Oracle Lashes Out, and Lessons from Amazon Prime Day/Pokemon Outages

San Francisco, CA – Oct 5, 2016 – Clustrix (, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, recently expressed its opinions on some of the most pressing topics facing DBAs, data architects, CIOs, CMOs, and companies that […]

Don’t Take Database Scalability in the Cloud for Granted

  September 16, 2016 | Virtual Strategy Companies often leverage the cloud because of its promise of agility. The ability to flex an application up or down according to need by merely adding or subtracting server nodes allows companies to benefit from economies of scale. By essentially “renting” computing power […]

Information Superhighway or Super Traffic Jam? Introducing ClustrixDB 8.0

When the automobile was first invented, traffic jams were unheard of. But, as more automobiles populated the roads, outdated road infrastructures couldn’t handle increased congestion and traffic slowed. The same thing has happened with the internet. As people increasingly got online, issues of internet speeds and bandwidth abounded. Today however, […]

Migrating Your Database to the Cloud? Look Beyond MySQL

  September 15, 2016 | @CloudExpo Companies are migrating infrastructure to the cloud in order to achieve advantages and agility that they need to remain competitive. However, they may have difficulty achieving one extremely important benefit of cloud computing as they attempt to run their MySQL databases in the cloud […]

Clustrix Enhances Performance, Ease-of-Use and Security of MySQL-Replacement Database

  ClustrixDB 8.0 Integrates In-Memory Processing, Containerization, AES 256-bit Encryption San Francisco, Calif. – Sep 13, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced the availability of version 8.0 of its software. Designed to […]

A Brawl is Brewing! How To Stay Neutral as Tech Giants Prepare to Take on AWS for Top Cloud Provider Spot

Race to the Cloud When it comes to what may be the most important business resource of the 21st century–cloud services–there can be no doubt that AWS is clearly dominating the market. Everyone else is years behind in functionality, ease-of-use and price, and for many if not most workloads, AWS […]

Amazon Not Primed to Handle its Own Shopping Holiday

  August 1, 2016 | TotalRetail Another Amazon Prime Day is in the books, and once again the #PrimeDayFail hashtag was trending on social media throughout the one-day cybershopping extravaganza. Where last year the complaints centered largely on lackluster deals, 2016 delivered a different frustration: checkout failures. It turns out […]

Employee Spotlight: Director of Sales Engineering John Sheaffer

  Back in 2009, John Sheaffer made a decision. He left his job at database industry giant Oracle and embarked on a journey into the big data startup arena. As Sheaffer explained when we sat down to interview him, there were no bad feelings toward Oracle; Sheaffer learned a great […]

Clustrix Partners with OSS Korea to Support Growth of High-Volume, High-Value Application Workloads in Korea

San Francisco, CA – Jul 26, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced a consulting and reseller partnership with OSS Korea, a provider of database solutions support. The partnership enables OSS Korea to […]

#OlderDBFail: If Amazon and Pokemon Aren’t Immune, No One Is

You don’t always have to choose between the scalability of NoSQL and the accuracy of MySQL High-value, high-transaction challenges aren’t just the domain of smaller players–some of the most resource-rich, technically advanced companies in the world have had problems, as evidenced recently by Amazon Prime Day, which was plagued with […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About High-Value/High-Transaction OLTP Workloads, but Were Afraid to Ask

  … Amazon Prime Day and Pokemon Go teams should have asked us The term “high-value, high-transaction workload” is admittedly not universal, yet it describes a very important class of DBMS transactions that sit somewhere between “Big Data” and critical data. Simply put, they entail large numbers of concurrent transactions […]

Infoworld, CIOL and Website Magazine Point to ClustrixDB’s Scalability

Martin Heller and MakeMyTrip Attest to Scale-Out RDBMS’s Flexibility and Linear Performance San Francisco, CA – Jul 19, 2016 – Clustrix (, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, was recently featured in an exclusive Infoworld review […]

Do Amazon Sellers Benefit from Prime Day?

July 13, 2016 | eCommerceBytes If nothing else, Amazon Prime Day is a success from a marketing and PR standpoint – everyone has been buzzing about the July 12th shopping event. But sellers want to know, are they benefitting from the hordes of shoppers coming to the site looking for […]

Clustrix Awarded U.S. Patent for Improved Systems and Methods of Database Replay in a RDBMS

Invention Reduces Slave Database Replay Latency, While Maintaining Data Integrity San Francisco, CA – Jul 12, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced that the company has been issued patent number 9348883. The patent, […]

Amazon Prime Day plagued by shopping cart snafus

  July 12, 2016 | RetailDrive Prime Day is no stranger to social media ridicule. Amazon launched the sales event last summer to withering criticism from consumers who took exception to low inventories on marquee items and bargains on obscure products with little mainstream appeal. While Amazon has taken significant […]

Pokemon Go becomes “Pokemon Stop”

It had all the makings of a successful product launch: a highly-recognizable brand, a built-in global fanbase of millions, and a great team of game developers with roots in a Silicon Valley icon: Google. But the launch of Pokemon Go, the highly anticipated augmented-reality mobile game, was immediately followed by […]

Making Amazon Prime “Black Tuesday,” Not a Black Eye

  The second annual Amazon Prime Day is around the corner, and even the bigger critics of last year’s inaugural shopping holiday are expressing optimism for a better effort this time around. To recap, the 2015 Amazon Prime Day extravaganza generated plenty of sales but also many complaints around the […]

Employee Spotlight: Director of Support Nick Lamb

Director of Support Nick Lamb, now in his eighth year with Clustrix, is the longest tenured employee at the company. He has been through every office move, and has worked closely with the original founders of the company. Lamb has been working with computers since childhood, which gives you a […]

Seattle AWS Meetup Explores Scaling Transactional Workloads on AWS

Clustrix-sponsored event looks at strengths and weaknesses of MySQL replacements San Francisco, CA – Jun 29, 2016 – Clustrix, the MySQL drop-in replacement scale-out RDBMS that’s built for high-concurrency, low-latency workloads, is sponsoring the upcoming AWS Meetup in Seattle, Washington. This event takes place on Monday, July 11 from 6:30 […]

NewSQL: Trying to solve what SQL and NoSQL can’t on their own

  June 29, 2016 | SDTimes NewSQL and NoSQL have similarities and differences. The “right” database choice is all about the use case, as always. Depending on what your company is trying to accomplish, you likely have a mix of SQL and NoSQL solutions. And if you don’t, you likely […]

Employee Spotlight: Director of Product Management Dave Anselmi

At Clustrix, the process of bringing new features to market for our scale-out relational database is always an interesting challenge. As we scope each Release, Sales/Marketing brings Customer expectations and requirements to the table, Engineering brings technical feasibilities, and Product Management brings understanding of the competitive landscape. The challenge is […]

Oracle’s Cloud: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

  As Oracle snatches up cloud companies to offer a branded cloud solution, observers ask whether or not this approach will fly? Companies that have thrived in the cloud recognize that it’s more than a way to deliver applications. It’s an approach that means freedom to try out new things, […]

Review: ClustrixDB scales out — way out

  June 22, 2016 | InfoWorld By Martin Heller As I was working on my review of DeepSQL I received an inquiry from another company claiming to have a scale-out relational database that can handle large-scale (“Cyber Monday shopping traffic”), write-heavy loads, while maintaining ACID compliance and scaling linearly with […]

Does Your Affiliate Marketing Service Provider Have a Backbone?

  June 22, 2016 | Website Magazine In an ideal world, the end users of click tracking and affiliate marketing services would be blissfully unaware of what’s going on under the hood of the platforms they use. If you are leveraging these services, however, it’s important to understand that just […]

Employee Spotlight: Clustrix Senior Technical Support Engineer Rupert Harwood

We’ll admit it: One of our favorite employee success stories here at Clustrix almost never took place. Meet Senior Technical Support Engineer Rupert Harwood who, about four years ago, came to Clustrix and experienced—as he described—one of the worst interviews he ever had. “I absolutely bombed it, and didn’t get […]

MakeMyTrip’s new IT itinerary: The cart with faster wheels

  June 21, 2016 | CIOL When you think of travel, the new-age version of it i.e. – the one which is almost opposite to how our grandparents used to travel, you cannot not think of pioneers like MakeMyTrip.  

Is Open Source Right for You? Maybe, but Cost Should be the Last Consideration

Without a doubt, open source is making the software business better. But, if you’re considering going the open source route for software that’s critical to your company, keep in mind that “open” doesn’t mean “free.” It’s understandable that cost would be a major factor in the decision to go open […]

Employee Spotlight: Director of Engineering Matt White

For professionals in the technology industry, there inevitably comes a point when you wake up one morning and realize that you need to switch gears—that the work you are doing is no longer fulfilling. For Clustrix Director of Engineering Matt White, this moment came after years in the network appliances […]

Employee Spotlight: Clustrix Performance Architect Peter Friedenbach

  Our employee spotlight series is designed to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the people that make Clustrix tick. We’ve been showing you who they are, what they value and why they choose to work here. Over the course of the interviews, our employees touched on a variety of things […]

Clustrix Adds European Partnership with Announcement of Reseller Relationship with Yenlo

  San Francisco, CA – May 24, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced a partnership with Yenlo (, a top European integrator of IT solutions. The reseller agreement allows Yenlo to give […]

Shining a Light on Amazon Aurora’s Hidden IO Costs

Aurora’s Hidden IO Costs Just when you think the cloud has finally ushered us into a world of transparency and convenience—pay only for what you use, know exactly what you’re paying for—it turns out that you still might find yourself paying for more than you bargained for with some leading […]

14 Game Changing Database Trends for 2016

  April 27, 2016 | EnterpriseApps Today The database market is in a state of upheaval. Keeping informed about database trends will help you successfully navigate the changing landscape. Databases are proliferating like, well, cockroaches. The overall database market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2017, according to IDC, […]

Employee Spotlight: VP of Engineering Robert Mihalyi

If you’re a top recruit in the software industry, chances are likely that you run from two things like they are the plague: bureaucracy, and hand-holding. You want the freedom to see your ideas come to fruition. And you also want boatloads of trust, and support from management—not oversight and […]

Employee Spotlight: Customer Operations Engineer Henry Hwang

There is a scene in the Pixar classic “Ratatouille” when the chef explains to the new garbage boy that the kitchen staff is made of much more than cooks—they are artists, at heart, and pirates. “More than cooks are we,” she explains, rather people with diverse and interesting backgrounds who […]

Scalability and User Control Taken to Next Level with ClustrixDB 7.5

Version 7.5 gives unprecedented control over powerful scale-out relational database San Francisco, Calif. – Apr 19, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out relational database designed to meet the high-volume online transaction needs of e-commerce and other web applications, today announced the release of version 7.5 of its flagship […]

3 Key Factors to Migrate Your Database to the Cloud

  April 7, 2016 | Dataconomy At a blistering pace and for a variety of reasons, companies are migrating their on-premise database infrastructures to cloud-based solutions—to save costs on hardware, tame the impact of disaster recovery or even to improve security. As the missing pieces of the Cloud continue to be […]

Percona Live 2016: Exclusive Announcement of New Version from Clustrix

New Capabilities Will Boost Scalability and Accuracy to Fuel New Innovative Applications San Francisco, Calif. – Apr 7, 2016 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s web applications, announced that it is sponsoring Percona Live 2016, taking […]

Choxi Gives an Unfiltered Look at its Journey to AWS

  Clustrix Webinar: An E-commerce Giant Moves Its High-Value, High-Transaction Site to the Cloud San Francisco, Calif – Apr 5, 2016 – If you’re considering moving your e-commerce site to AWS, why not learn from those who have done it, and done it right? Clustrix is hosting a webinar that […]

Scale-Out SQL: Readying Your Online Gaming App for the Big Launch

Game On or Game Over? Gaming applications–particularly multi-player games–are usually built for the cloud, meaning that they can scale out according to demand. Unfortunately, this hasn’t necessarily been the case with the databases that power these applications. The SQL databases that online games have to run on (NoSQL just isn’t […]

Think Los Angeles Traffic is bad now? IoT could make it worse

IoT With the Internet of Things now a reality in auto and other industries, companies are finding themselves remarkably changed–and challenged–by the availability and analysis of data from a multitude of sensors. Companies like Tesla are taking the lead with “over-the-air” remote maintenance, driverless technology and the connected infrastructures. These […]

High-Value, Heavy Workloads: Where the Worlds of Big Data and Accurate Data Collide

  In the world of Big Data, people understandably tend to get caught up in the “Big” part of it. NoSQL and Hadoop offerings, which often take center stage in Big Data dialogues, are good at handling massive scale, as long as you’re OK with a little bit of ‘eventual […]

Work smart, not hard: Why choosing the right database Is better than elbow grease

  March 11, 2016 | JaxEnter Over the years DBAs have been trying hard to keep databases humming while minimizing downtime and transaction errors. Although their achievements should not be ignored, we are now entering an age where they shouldn’t have to be so clever in dealing with a tangled web […]

Got High-Value, High-Transaction Workloads on AWS? Read This Report by ESG.

We recently put ClustrixDB performance to the test by performing a benchmark against two other SQL databases. ClustrixDB beat the two SQL databases owned and operated by the industry-leading cloud vendors in transactions per second, latency and scalability. After seeing these results, we elected to have Enterprise Service Group (ESG) […]

Is There Life Beyond AWS Aurora? Webinar Explores ClustrixDB, Other Options for High-transaction, High-value Workloads

Lokesh Khosla Looks beyond Throughput to Examine True Scalability in the Cloud San Francisco, Calif – Feb 25, 2016 – Do you rely on a relational database to power high-transaction, high-value workloads on your web application? Do you anticipate large spikes in traffic, or plan on rapidly growing your business […]

Benchmark Showdown: Which Relational Database is the Fastest on AWS?

Do you have a high-value, high throughput application running on AWS? Are you moving part or all of your infrastructure to AWS? Do you have a high-transaction workload that is only expected to grow as your company grows? Choosing the right database for your move to AWS can make you […]

Who Needs Clustrix?

Who needs Clustrix? More organizations than you might imagine. Your high-volume, high-value transaction-based business may struggle without ClustrixDB. Does your company see large fluctuations in website traffic—periodic spikes in which thousands of visitors concurrently transact with your organization? Does your business depend on processing these transactions instantly and accurately, or […]

ESG Benchmark: Superior Performance on AWS for High-Transaction, High-Value Workloads Exhibited by ClustrixDB

Benchmark Shows Clustrix Processes More Transactions Per Second on Amazon AWS with Faster Response Time Than Alternatives San Francisco, Calif – Feb 23, 2016 – Clustrix, the provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value Web applications, unveiled today the results of […]

Clustrix Claims Better Database Performance than Amazon Aurora on AWS

  February 19, 2016 | TheVARGuy Clustrix is hoping to beat Amazon at its own database game. This week, the company announced that its ClustrixDB scale-out database can outperform Amazon Aurora on Amazon’s own AWS environment. Aurora and ClustrixDB are both next-generation, cloud-oriented databases designed to deliver major performance and […]

Database Benchmark on AWS: ClustrixDB Blows Aurora Away

  10X Higher Throughput; Faster Response for High-Transaction, High-Value Workloads San Francisco, Calif. – Feb 18, 2016 – Clustrix, the provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value Web applications, announced today the results of its benchmark test, which compared the performance […]

Keep Your Customers–and Your Website–out of the Doghouse on Valentine’s Day!

  This Valentine’s Day singles don’t need to sulk–they can still take advantage of the crazy flash sales! The trouble comes for those who do have a Valentine, and wait ’til the last minute to order a thoughtful gift, only to to be met with “THE ITEM YOU ADDED TO […]

Benchmark: Beyond Aurora. Scale-out SQL databases for AWS. Later Docker Basics.

Summary: As enterprises move to AWS, they have great choices for MySQL compatible databases. Knowing the best database for the specific job can save you time and money. At the February meeting, we will discuss high-performance databases for AWS and share our findings based on a benchmark test that simulates […]

Tomorrow’s Meetup: Scale-out SQL Databases for AWS and more!

AWS If you work with high transactional workloads, and you need a relational database to keep track of economically valuable items like revenue, inventory and monetary transactions, we invite you to come and participate in a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of Aurora and other MySQL solutions for AWS. […]

How to boost your e-commerce performance

  February 3, 2016 | iMedia Research by Microsoft, Pew, and a host of other sources confirms what many have suspected for some time: tech gadgets are having a “shortening” effect on our attention spans. This has numerous long-term implications for our nation’s education system and workforce…but in the near-term, […]

Today’s Cover Story: How to Boost Your E-commerce Performance

iMedia Cover Story Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix, offers advice to e-commerce merchants and providers alike in today’s cover story on iMedia Connection, “How to boost your e-commerce performance.” A short list of questions and answers provide readers precise insight into the simple steps they can take, or should at […]

Scaling Out Without Fault

  January 29, 2016 | Inside Big Data Relational databases always have been at the heart of online transaction processing (OLTP), and they will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But today the business world is demanding more out of this bedrock technology than ever. A variety of industries […]

Database Architecture and Scaling Strategies, In the Cloud & on the Rack

In this webinar, Robbie Mihayli, VP of Engineering at Clustrix explores how to set up a SQL RDBMS architecture that scales out and is both elastic and consistent, while simultaneously delivering fault tolerance and ACID compliance. He also covers how data gets distributed in this architecture, how the query processor […]

Live Webinar: Database Architecture and Scaling Strategies, in the Cloud and on the Rack

Robbie Mihayli, VP of Engineering at Clustrix will explore how to set up a SQL RDBMS architecture that scales out and is both elastic and consistent, while simultaneously delivering fault tolerance and ACID compliance. He will also cover how data gets distributed in this architecture, how the query processor works, […]

Afftrack Expands Affiliate Marketing Platform to Twelve Regions using ClustrixDB

Scale-out relational database supports Afftrack’s move to disruptive pricing model. San Francisco, Calif. – Jan 12, 2016 – Clustrix, the provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the elastic scaling requirements of high-volume online transactions needed by e-commerce and other Web applications, announced today that Afftrack, a fast-growing […]

Spinning Disks vs. SSD for Enterprise Database Use

Solid State Disks are the right storage for ClustrixDB. What’s not to love about low latency and high throughput? You have lots of choices for data storage these days. The most familiar storage device is the spinning or hard disk drive (HDD): spinning disks are very affordable and can store […]

Is Your Merchant’s Infrastructure Feeling Bloated After the Holidays?

  Are you feeling fat and bloated after the holidays? E-commerce merchants must be ready for the holiday peak in demand. So, adding database capacity is a must. Now that the New Year is here, don’t you wish you could get back to your regular (database) size painlessly? If you’re […]

Clustrix 2016 Predictions: Scaling to Accommodate Growing Data Volumes and Speeds

  January 5, 2016 | VMBlog In the ‘old days’, running a successful database operation was all about being up, and being fast. Today, it’s not only about speed–more importantly, it’s about accommodating fluctuating volumes of traffic, especially on mobile devices. In 2016, we will continue to see the move […]

What Does the Future Hold for Databases?

It is not an exaggeration to say that the online retail industry is at perhaps its most critical juncture since it first began gathering steam near the beginning of the 21st century. For years, scale-up relational databases were sufficient in the market, as online merchants dealt primarily with structured data-like […]

Clustrix Named ‘HOT in 2015’ Winner in San Francisco, CA

Clustrix is pleased to announce it was named an Owler “HOT in 2015” winner in San Francisco. Owler, the world’s leading online source for free competitive intelligence with over 15 million company profiles in its database, awards the hottest companies in each city using data and analytics it collects from […]

Three Things Your E-Commerce Site Needs in a Database

If you own or run the website for a fast-growing e-commerce business, you may well be at a crossroads. Your database is supported by a single server, but your business is growing so quickly that you are getting dangerously close to a crash. Traffic spikes during peak seasons or flash […]

Evaluating Structured vs. Non-Structured Databases

For many years, information stored in databases was largely structured, residing in fixed fields. This kind of structured data often included customer names and dates, search algorithms, and numeric financial records, i.e., material that is simple to store and query because it fits tightly into rows and columns. Structured data […]

Mobile Pay Rapidly Becoming a ‘Must Have’ for Businesses

Gone will be the days of fumbling through dollar bills and loose change. No more waiting in line as the customer in front of you takes more time than necessary removing his or her credit card, swiping it, and typing in the pin. Mobile payment is here, and it’s in […]

China Makes Major Change to E-Commerce Foreign Policy

For years, despite its massive population and rapidly expanding economy, China was a limited market for e-commerce merchants because its government would not allow full foreign ownership of these businesses. Recently, however, China loosened these regulations, announcing that it would allow some foreign merchants to own 100 percent of e-commerce […]

What Does it Mean to Build for Today’s E-Commerce?

All industries are constantly evolving, but some experience change faster than others. E-commerce, to be certain, falls into the fast and furious category. The primary driving force behind change in the industry is rapid growth in the number of people conducting transactions online. In the U.S. alone, for example, the […]

Top-Notch Website Performance is a MUST

If there is one certainty that contemporary e-commerce businesses can rely upon it’s that customers love shopping online. In fact, US online sales are forecasted to be $334 billion in 2015 with 69% of US adults participating (Forrester, Inc). But no matter how big the market opportunity becomes, online retailers […]

How the Quest for Scale Led Viverae to Clustrix, and Then Some

Scalability. One of the trendiest words in the tech world today but also one of the biggest issues any growing business faces. Whatever your application, if you are running your business on MySQL, you will inevitably hit a wall and develop performance issues. Take our customer Viverae® for example. Viverae, […]

Three Common Replatforming Pitfalls

As we’ve covered previously on this blog, one of the most common reasons performance falters for e-commerce businesses is a rapid or massive increase in the number of visitors on the site. When site performance begins to lag and customer experience is impacted, many of these organizations decide to migrate […]

ClustrixDB for Ad Tech: 60,000 Transactions per Second

Just how does one illustrate the power of a database to process 60,000 transactions every second? In advance of our presentation at eXelate’s Vendor Showcase in New York, at which we’ll show off ClustrixDB’s role in powering eXelate’s digital marketing data technology services, we’ve been struggling to come up with […]

Profiting Through Performance: E-commerce Success Stories

As access to information, entertainment, and communications edges closer to instantaneous, consumer expectations and demands for fast and seamless customer experiences grow as well. This is especially true for e-commerce businesses that cater to online customers who put a premium on convenience. Many of the databases that support today’s e-commerce […]

Clustrix Proudly Welcomes Charles Carmel to Its Board of Directors

Each member of Clustrix’s board of directors brings a unique background and ability to drive Clustrix forward in today’s business and technology landscapes. For successful technology investor, executive and adviser Charles Carmel, becoming part of Clustrix’s board was a natural fit. As a tech executive boasting nearly 20 years of […]

Clustrix Proudly Welcomes Shawn Douglass to Its Board of Directors

As an organization committed to continually broadening the vision and perspective of its leadership, Clustrix seeks diverse board members who can help put its technology in context and seek out the places in the market where it can be effectively applied. This month, Clustrix welcomes tech executive, investor and trusted […]

Live Interview of Mike Azevedo, Clustrix CEO by Robert Scoble

Tech evangelist Robert Scoble used the new Facebook Live to interview Clustrix CEO Mike Azevedo yesterday. One of only a handful early users of this new live format, Robert simultaneously interviewed Mike and entertained questions from the online Facebook audience. It made for a dynamic and energetic experience all around. […]

ClustrixDB 7.0: An Early Holiday Gift for E-Commerce

While the holiday shopping season is months away for most people, in e-commerce the hustle and bustle is right around the corner. In the spirit of giving, We’re excited to let you know about ClustrixDB 7.0, the newest version of the first scale-out relational database designed to meet high-volume online transaction […]

How to Choose Between AWS RDS Aurora and ClustrixDB on AWS

Ever since it was unveiled in November of last year, AWS Aurora—Amazon’s relational database offering available through Amazon RDS—has been touted by the giant online retailer as a revolutionary database solution that offered five times the performance of standard MySQL at “one tenth the cost of a commercial database.” Indeed, […]

ClustrixDB in AWS – Scaling Writes and Reads

ClustrixDB is a shared-nothing clustered scale-out MySQL-compatible relational database that massively scales both writes and reads. Designed for the cloud, ClustrixDB offers built-in high availability and is largely self-managing. With ClustrixDB you simply add database servers (“Flex Up”) to grow capacity and throughput to handle seasonal workloads, and then you […]

Escaping the Rip and Replace Replatforming Cycle

E-commerce businesses are in the midst of a tremendous growth period, one that is unlikely to slow down over the next several years. Online shopping—specifically mobile, or m-commerce—continues to grow increasingly popular, with a recent Forrester report projecting a nearly 10 percent CAGR in the space through 2018. Although this […]

Is This the Year of Replatforming? It Doesn’t Have to Be

We have heard the predictions. We know that some industry players and analyst firms alike have predicted that the second six months of 2015 will be “The Year of Replatforming.” On the surface it makes sense; fast-growing e-commerce companies struggling with lackluster MySQL performance as they attempt to roll out […]

Oracle and the NoSQL Effect – The Need for the Scale-Out SQL RDBMS

Datastax, a Cassandra (NoSQL) provider, wrote an analysis of why Oracle is struggling, having missed their Q4 2015 numbers and with revenue flat versus 2014. Datastax indicated this is due to more and more enterprise workloads being deployed on NoSQL, leveraging both unstructured data, as well as scale-out, flexibility, and […]

Primary Drivers for Database Replatforming

Many of today’s e-commerce businesses face a classic double-edged sword scenario. On one hand, they play in a market that is exploding, affording them ample opportunity to grow their companies rapidly. In the U.S., for instance, the online retail market is projected to grow from $294 billion in 2015 to […]

Flex Up or Down—Pay Only for the Capacity You Need

Imagine the following scenario. You’re in your car on a long drive and you start to feel thirsty—even a bit dehydrated. So, you pull off the highway and into a convenience store to buy a 12-oz. bottle of water. But as you peruse the store’s shelves, you realize that it […]

The Importance of “Fit and Finish” on Your E-Commerce Site

In the automotive manufacturing industry, “fit and finish” describes the way the various parts of a vehicle fit together to form the final product. A car with “fit and finish” has no visible gaps where parts were merged and no variation in paint color—it is, essentially, seamless. The concept is […]

What Has Us Excited About IRCE 2015

As an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of large and fast-growing e-commerce businesses, few events on the calendar excite us as much as the annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE). The conference brings more than 90 percent of the e-commerce solutions market to one place, and offers a […]

Why Moving Away From a Legacy Architecture is Easier Than You Think

Many rapidly growing e-commerce sites eventually find themselves at a common crossroads: increased traffic to their sites causes performance problems in legacy scale-up MySQL databases—like slower page load times or inventory updates—and puts their business in peril. While these businesses understand that problems with MySQL performance can have a negative […]

Mother’s Day Is Days Away… Is Your Site Ready?

Mother’s Day can be tricky for consumers. Many of us want to make sure we give our mothers a gift that shows our appreciation for all they do, but finding time to visit numerous brick-and-mortar stores to find the perfect present is difficult. For many shoppers, e-commerce is a welcome […]

B2B E-Commerce Market to Reach $6.7 Trillion by 2020

B2B companies are constantly looking for even the slightest edge on competitors, anything they can use to effectively differentiate themselves from their competition. But while many are attempting to develop bleeding-edge technologies or cut prices, many organizations may be missing an enormous opportunity right under their noses: a top-of-the-line e-commerce experience. […]

China E-Commerce Market to Hit $1 trillion by 2019

Typically when analysts and media outlets discuss large revenue growth and market expansion in a given vertical or country, they talk in terms of millions or billions of dollars. But soon enough, talk of e-commerce in China will be discussed in terms of trillions, as a new report from Forrester […]

Stop Praying for Performance and Ensure it Instead

If your e-commerce site has experienced rapid growth over the past several months, you likely owe your success to a few critical factors: You sell a product or service that is in high demand Your product or service stands out from others in your industry Your website is easy to […]

2014 Holiday Shopping Season Trends Survey Report

For retailers, the holiday shopping season is often the most profitable time of the year. This is especially the case for online retailers. In fact, in 2014, e-commerce revenue for the period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday was up 15.4 percent over 2013. More and more, we’re seeing the […]

Optimizing Your E-Commerce Site Is About Looking Beyond Today

If you are an e-commerce business growing your earnings quarter after quarter, all probably seems right with the world. You’ve hit upon a formula for success that combines products that consumers need with prices they can afford. As you look toward the future there is hardly a ripple in the […]

M-Commerce Projections Continue to Rise as New Use Cases Emerge

The rise of e-commerce changed the way global consumers purchased retail, making it possible for them to shop from their homes and offices and for retailers to drive profitability online. Now, the global m-commerce market is experiencing a similar boom. In fact, recent research from TechNavio indicates that the m-commerce […]

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL Part 8: Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the line for our “Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL” series and we hope you have come away with some valuable insight into how to optimize your e-commerce website. For those who may have missed an installment or two—or simply need […]

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL – Part 7: Customer Issues With MySQL

During the previous entries in this series, we discussed the various struggles that scaling a legacy MySQL database can cause and the options e-commerce sites have in combating those issues. While any growing Web business can experience difficulties with scaling MySQL, some types of e-commerce sites are especially vulnerable to […]

More Customers on Your Site: Cause for Celebration or Disaster?

At a basic level, the goal of every e-commerce site is to attract more traffic. Regardless of your conversion rate, the more visits your site receives, the more sales it will generate—that is simple mathematics. Of course, that statement is only true given the assumption that your website can handle […]

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL – Part 6: Aurora

In November of last year, Amazon announced a new MySQL-compatible scale up relational database engine called Aurora. The online retailer billed the new product as highly scalable, boasting its capability to automatically grow storage from 10GB to 64TB based on need. Scalability is a vital feature in a database—especially for […]

Is Replatforming Really the Best Option for Your eCommerce Site?

The technology that powers eCommerce platforms is changing at a frighteningly fast pace. Competitive influencers such as omni-channel service, globalization, flash sales, social media and customer analytics are raising the stakes for merchants and demanding more seamless, responsive and intuitive platform performance. It’s no surprise, then, that merchants may panic […]

An E-Commerce Website Built on Future-Proofed Technology Will Reduce TCO

Those who have tried to reduce their website-related expenses as much as possible upfront have probably found out the hard way that they end up paying a whole lot more down the line. As a result, the concept of reasonable total cost of ownership (TCO) for the website has long […]

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL – Part 5: Supporting MySQL

For many small companies that aren’t expecting to grow much in the coming years, the power in an MySQL databases will suffice to handle their business needs. But for companies that intend on growing—particularly e-commerce businesses—it’s only a matter of time before your MySQL database hits a wall and your […]

The Rise of M-Commerce and the Need for a Powerful Database

Mobile adoption rates continue to increase. As network speeds accelerate and mobile devices become even more powerful, both B2C and B2B customers are becoming more likely than ever before to buy things while on the go. For years, the e-commerce market—which includes purchases made from a computer or any mobile […]

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL – Part 4: Facebook and Google’s Difficulties with MySQL

As we discussed last time, the vast majority of databases are SQL-based, and many of those are running MySQL. Which works fine, until you need to scale-up your database, and then MySQL hits some difficulties. Two of the country’s biggest tech juggernauts—Google and Facebook—have already woken up to the fact […]

Don’t Rest: The Major Holidays Are Over, but Valentine’s Day Is Right Around the Corner

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays have passed, many e-commerce business owners are likely breathing a huge sigh of relief. Phew! The December rush is over, and customer demands were satisfied effectively. Perhaps you think that now is as good a time as any to take a well-deserved break. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL – Part 3: Your Options

It’s safe to say that 20 years ago, when MySQL was developed, programmers working on the project likely were unable to predict the extremely pervasive nature of today’s Internet. As such, the open source relational database management system was built with severe limitations—though, at that time, those limitations were merely […]

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling MySQL – Part 2: Difficulties

Nearly 80 percent of today’s databases are SQL-based. If you have an e-commerce website and haven’t done anything to the database that powers it in recent memory, you’re most likely running MySQL, a database which traces its roots back to 1995. After all, the term “NewSQL” didn’t become a part […]

2014 Holiday Shopping Season Trends Survey

For retailers, the holiday shopping season is often the most profitable time of the year. In fact, last year, Thanksgiving and Black Friday combined brought in a reported $12.3 billion in sales, according to shopping analytics firm ShopperTrak. More and more, however, we’re seeing the holiday shopping season moving beyond […]

E-Commerce Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2015

  It’s hard to believe we’re about to turn the page on yet another year but, nonetheless, here we are. We figure there’s no better time to reflect on the developments in e-commerce that took place during the last 12 months while also looking forward to see what’s in store […]

The Rise of the Customer-Centric E-Commerce Experience

Thanks to the rise of the Internet and mobile devices, consumer demand for instant gratification has become a cultural norm. Many brands have stretched to meet this exacting standard, setting the bar high for competitors that want to create robust customer experiences. Businesses are learning that each and every customer […]

Did You Know That 35 Percent of Web Sales Are Made During the Fourth Quarter?

  Today is Cyber Monday and consumers around the world are taking to their laptops, mobile phones and tablets to shop for the best deals online. Last year, e-commerce retailers hauled in an impressive $2.29 billion from the digital world’s answer to Black Friday. Industry pundits are envisioning even bigger […]

What Kohl’s Can Teach You About Preparing for Cyber Monday

  In 2013, Kohl’s pulled in an impressive $742.4 million in e-commerce sales during the fourth quarter. That number accounted for 42 percent of the $1.76 billion the clothing retailer brought in over the entire year from digital sales. Between 4Q12 and 4Q13, Kohl’s enjoyed a 16 percent increase in […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Creep: Retailers Plan Earliest Thanksgiving Openings Ever

  Before the mega-retailer made headlines late last year for its data breach, Target was in the news for how it handled Cyber Monday. Falling on the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is a day when countless brands offer their customers aggressive sales on their websites. Essentially, it’s the digital […]

Is Your Brand Ready for Cyber Monday?

Last year, e-commerce retailers hauled in an impressive $2.29 billion on Cyber Monday, a 15.7 percent bump up from the prior year. In 2014, as even more customers employ their tablets and smartphones to search out the best deals, those numbers will increase. In fact, mobile devices accounted for $419 […]

Another Scale-up Relational Database . . . Really?

  Amazon today announced Aurora, a MySQL compatible RDBMS with 5x the performance of MySQL. Just what we need, another scale-up SQL database. High availability comes via fail-over of replicated instances with at least 2 copies of the original data. In this architecture they claim to easily and seamlessly scale […]

Survey Says: Your E-Commerce Platform Needs to Be Ready for Everything

It wasn’t so long ago that we bought all our goods and services from brick-and-mortar stores. Now, it’s likely only a matter of time before we do all of our shopping digitally. In addition to being able to shop on a laptop, the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices […]

Want Your E-Commerce Business to Be Successful? Start Here

Thanks to the rise of mobile devices and the evolution of computing technology, the U.S. e-commerce market is poised to undergo explosive growth over the next few years. Currently, the market is expected to haul in $300 billion this year. By 2018, that number is project to grow to $491 […]

If Your Database Is Already in Place, Pain Might Be in Your Future

Two years ago, you launched an e-commerce platform. Since then, your business has grown steadily, and your digital storefront has operated smoothly during that time. While that’s great news, are you prepared for what’s to come if your e-commerce business continues growing? It is more than likely that you already […]

You Might Not Need Scalability Right Away, But Be Prepared for Future Success With ClustrixDB

Are you planning to launch an e-commerce platform soon? If you answered that question affirmatively, it’s probably in your best interest to future-proof your computing infrastructure and start building-in the ability to grow your e-commerce site. In other words, save yourself from fidgeting with your infrastructure 10 months after installation […]

Report: Vast Majority of Cloud Databases Use SQL

If a business uses a cloud database—whether delivered as a service or managed traditionally through a public or private cloud—chances are it is going to be an SQL one. According to a recent survey of 500 developers, 79 percent were using a SQL database—either MySQL or NewSQL—while only 16 percent […]

Why Sharding is the Wrong Way to Scale Your Database

In order for your e-commerce platform to live up to its fullest potential, you need a scalable database. It’s as simple as that. As technology has advanced and e-commerce retailers have more information at their disposal than ever before, traditional MySQL databases have reached their limits. They lack both the […]

Rafter Absorbs an Influx of E-Commerce Traffic With ClustrixDB

School is nearly back in session, and that means students will scour the Internet in droves to get the textbooks they need for their studies. It’s no secret that the cost of higher education can be significant. Rafter, Inc., a leading e-commerce retailer, understands that perfectly and as a result, […]

Back to School: Is Your Database Ready?

It’s amazing how it seems to come faster every year—those cooler nights and shorter days—but it’s time to finally admit to ourselves: Summer is winding down. And that means more traffic on your e-commerce site. As students across the country get ready to go back to school, from the wee […]

Cloud Database, DBaaS Market to Reach $14 Billion by 2019

When it comes to the technology they deploy, today’s companies need versatile and flexible solutions that enable them to successfully navigate the ever-complex business world. As such, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the cloud database and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) market is projected to grow from $1.07 billion […]

NoSQL and NewSQL: A Primer

Traditionally, e-commerce businesses have leveraged relational database management systems (RDBMS) to host revenue-critical transactions. MySQL is one of the most well-known RDBMS, and is definitely the most widely-used open-source RDBMS in e-commerce. But due to the evolution of technology, including the rise of Big Data and cloud computing, MySQL databases […]

Easily Scaling Out and In to Meet Seasonal Demand

Most businesses have a “busy season”—the time of year their employees are tearing their hair out trying to keep items stocked in warehouses and on shelves. Customers are eagerly buying whatever”s left, and the shipping department can”t imagine sealing another box. For many businesses, that”s the period between Thanksgiving and […]

The Importance of Concurrent Analytics

Thanks to the evolution of technology, businesses are able to collect and analyze customer-specific data and use the results to make informed changes to their operations, providing their customers with stronger service and, subsequently, bolstering their bottom lines. In this way, e-commerce-driven businesses can leverage their customer-specific data to launch […]

The High Price of Downtime

Believe it or not, whenever Amazon experiences a single minute of downtime, it stands to lose more than $66,000. Although your company is most likely not the juggernaut Amazon is, you can’t afford downtime either. The average small to medium-sized business stands to lose $12,500 per hour of downtime. With […]

Three Tips to Bolster Your Customers’ Experience

The U.S. e-commerce market continues to expand. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, e-commerce brought in $3 trillion in 2012—the most up-to-date figure available—which represents an 11 percent increase from the year prior. With more than half of Americans owning smartphones and our lives becoming increasingly digitalized, the e-commerce market […]

Dealing With Traffic Swings: Why NewSQL Is the Answer

For some e-commerce retailers, predicting spikes and dips in traffic is a relatively easy task. A school supplies retailer, for example, can expect a large influx of traffic in August. And many e-commerce retailers anticipate more business than usual toward the end of the year, as customers scramble to purchase […]

Scaling E-commerce Databases with Lots of Moving Parts

Scaling an e-commerce website is difficult enough when you have a growing number of customers coming in to shop daily. We know it’s a double-edged sword; more customers means more sales means more revenue, but it also may mean you’re bumping up against the limits of your servers, leading to […]

DBaaS: Solving the Cloud Business Continuity Conundrum

Today’s e-commerce enterprises are expected to be “always-on”; you never know what time of day or night your customers are going to make a transaction. At the same time, these companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to improve efficiency, scalability, and reduce costs while dealing with the tremendous and […]

The Rise of Same-Day Delivery and What It Means for Your Database

  It used to be that if you needed a hammer to complete a project around the house, you’d drive down the street and get that hammer at the local hardware store. Believe it or not, in today’s e-commerce-driven world, that notion has been modernized: Companies like Google, Amazon, eBay […]

Clustrix Made Lead411′s Hottest Companies List

We are pleased to announce Clustrix has made Lead411’s list of hottest companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following the review of more than 1,650 companies, the award honors the top several companies in the software, wireless, Internet or the media industry. “Our 2014 award winners might be our […]

Three E-Commerce Trends That Will Impact Your Database

E-commerce is growing rapidly as shoppers take to their computers, tablets and mobile devices to make purchases. In fact, mobile shopping is growing so rapidly that the sector will haul in $3.2 trillion in 2017, more than doubling the $1.5 trillion it realized in 2013, according to research from Juniper. […]

Thirst for E-commerce Data Fuels Real-time Analytics Demand

You can’t turn around in the e-commerce space without someone mentioning Big Data. Indeed, having access to scores of information about your customers, emerging trends and buying patterns can be a key competitive advantage that promises real business benefits to companies of all sizes. But how can companies get to […]

How E-commerce Businesses Can Benefit from a NewSQL Approach

It’s no secret that e-commerce is growing as shoppers increasingly take to the Web to buy everything from clothing and personal care items to computers and school supplies. In fact, sales reached $200 billion in 2013, and six percent of all sales in the United States are now made online. […]

Tech-Forum Friday: Index Usage with Functions

Note: We’re starting this “technical forum” in order to share hot topics and noteworthy discussions from the ClustrixDB support forum with our larger audience. I just ran into this issue with a developer and thought it was blog-worthy. Our UI was doing the following query:   SELECT node,      READS,      replicas, […]

Better Real-Time Analytics and Availability with Horizontal Data Slicing

With fast-growing startups, businesses, and applications, the application servers are easy to scale, but the operational databases often hit scale issues with high volume and velocity of data. This issue is especially true in the cloud, where the scaling model is horizontal scale-out on commodity hardware. Legacy databases such as […]

Master-Master: Investigation the Mysterious Duplicate Key Error

One thing I like about my role at Clustrix is that it allows me to work with real customer use cases and offers a unique opportunity to understand respective deployment architectures and learn something new and interesting from each and every engagement. I came across an interesting use case recently […]

Keeping a Distributed Database Balanced: The ClustrixDB Rebalancer

ClustrixDB is a single logical DBMS made up of many individual servers. These servers have matching hardware, and are equal peers within the cluster. Each server holds part of the relational dataset. Any of them can participate in (or initiate) a SQL query. To fully utilize the total hardware in […]

NewSQL vs. SQL on Hadoop

NoSQL, NewSQL, SQL on Hadoop – SQL seems to be everywhere these days. The data management landscape is complex and moving very fast. Since real-time analytics is used by both the NewSQL and SQL on Hadoop communities, let’s dig in and see the differences. SQL is in Vogue SQL is […]

Can You Hear Me Now . . . ?

Cloud computing, big data, and real-time analytics are quickly transforming how business is done—not only in the office, but also on the farm. Taggle Systems uses ClustrixDB to record and analyze data for livestock, utility meters, and irrigation across large-scale installations in Australia. With Taggle’s low-cost, long-range, low-power tags (custom […]

PeekAnalytics Scales Social Media Analytics with ClustrixDB

Most Twitter analytics companies focus on unique presentations of Twitter’s own data. Only PeekAnalytics can analyze your Twitter network and provide additional insights about your followers–or even people tweeting specific types of content beyond what itself can provide. PeekAnalytics can correlate the age, gender, income level, hobbies/interests, job title, […]

3 Takeaways from “The End of the One Size Fits All Database Era” Webinar

We had a record-breaking turnout to our free webinar yesterday on The End of the One Size Fits All Database Era. Clustrix CMO Mark Sarbiewski and Senior Principal Analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group Evan Quinn covered topics ranging from the challenges of legacy databases to expanded definitions of Big Data […]

Webinar: The End of the One Size Fits All Database Era

Pop quiz: What does ‘NoSQL’ stand for? Hint: It doesn’t mean non-SQL or non-ACID compliant. Just five years ago, almost every company looking to manage data turned to traditional RDBMS. But with the wave of emerging Web 2.0 companies, and an evolution in consumer expectations that means apps need to […]

Running the Ruby on Rails Database Performance Benchmark

The Ruby on Rails Performance Benchmark is described in a white paper available on the Clustrix website. I’m going to go through the high-level steps to get the appropriate pieces of software deployed and configured within your user environment so that you can take a look at benchmarking a 3-node […]

The Legacy Database is Dead

What killed it?  The combined forces of Big Data, cloud, and agile / devops have revealed the fatal flaws in legacy RDBMS. Big Data breaks legacy RDBMS:  Beyond the hype of analytics, there is a huge wave of new Big Data apps (global web, mobile, social, machine data, etc.) from […]

Announcing the Clustrix User Interface 4.0

After months of design and implementation, we are excited to announce the release of the Clustrix User Interface 4.0 — a unified interface that provides essential real-time insight for Developers, DBAs, and Operations. We spent a considerable amount of time in the design phase deciding what information to present. With […]

Clustrix dev node is now available on EC2 as an Amazon Machine Image

When choosing an ami you can either use the ami-a669cacf or search for clustrix:   Keep in mind that each clustrix node requires 1.5GB RAM and this image boots with 3 nodes on the same host so you should go the m1.large instance size at a minimum. Clustrix will automatically […]

Why Build an Appliance?

Clustrix sells appliances. We marry our software with industry standard hardware to make plug and play devices that drop in and work on the network. This is same model as my former company Isilon (now EMC), NetApp, and pretty much all successful storage vendors.  Why do this instead of selling […]

Scripting SSH with Python

The other day Aaron Passey, our CTO, pointed out to me that I’ve written the same bit of code in different languages at each of the last 3 places I’ve worked. I figured that since this seems to be something commonly useful, yet not obviously available, I’d write something about […]

Running a Devnode Cluster Across Multiple Boxes

In my last post, we used devnodectl to fire up a simple 3-node cluster, with all nodes running on the same system.  This is interesting insofar as it demonstrates the functionality of the cluster, but we’re certainly quite resource limited trying to emulate three nodes on one box.  In this […]

Distributed Database Architectures: Shared Disk

One of the most common questions I get about Clustrix is “How is Clustrix different than Database X?” Depending on who asks the question, Database X tends to be anything from Oracle RAC to MySQL Cluster. So I decided to put together a primer on different types of Distributed Database […]

Distributed Database Architectures: Distributed Storage / Centralized Compute

In my previous post I wrote about shared disk architectures and the problems they introduce. It’s common to see comparisons between shared disk and shared nothing architectures, but that distinction is too coarse to capture the differences between various shared nothing approaches. Instead, I’m going to characterize the various “shared-nothing” […]

Percona Evaluates Clustrix and MySQL

Percona ran a Percona-written TPCC benchmark against Percona’s MySQL Server on an Intel- SSD based machine, Percona MySQL Server on a FusionIO based machine, and a variety of different sizes of Clustrix’s database clusters running Clustrix’s Sierra relational database. The results show that Clustrix: Scales linearly from 3 to 9 […]

Clustrix Case Studies: TheLadders and iOffer

Earlier this year we set out to create use cases with several of our customers. The two companies that we have chosen to release today are TheLadders and iOffer. is the world’s largest online job search service that lists jobs with annual salaries of $100,000 or more. TheLadders were […]

Profile Driven Performance Optimization

Recently, one of our support engineers noticed that a customer cluster got a little sluggish during a routine maintenance operation. In looking back at historical data, we noticed that the cluster saw a decrease in transaction throughput. The system should have done its cleanup in the background at a low […]

Sierra and the Clustrix Database Stack

A lot of the responses to my previous posts criticized my choice of comparing a document database like MongoDB to a relational database like Clustrix. I tried to examine aspects of the database architecture which have nothing to do with the data model, but somehow the data model would always […]

MongoDB vs. Clustrix Comparison, Part 2

Introduction In Part 1 of my comparison, I ran some performance benchmarks to establish that relational systems can scale performance. In this post I would like to focus more on the High Availability and Fault Tolerance aspects of the two systems. The post will go over the approach of each […]

MongoDB vs. Clustrix Comparison, Part 1: Performance

*Note: You can now code. As mentioned in my post, I populated both databases with 300M rows. I played around with the best client/host/thread ratio for each database to achieve peak throughput. I used MongoDB v1.6.5. For the MongoDB read tests, I used the read-test.cpp harness. I didn’t have time […]

SQL Is Not the Problem

There is a lot of buzz about NoSQL out there. According to the hype, NoSQL solves scalability issues, NoSQL simplifies development, NoSQL has unlimited write performance, etc. While these claims may technically be true, they are in no way exclusive to the NoSQL offerings out there. All of these things […]

Surprising Advice for Startups

Clustrix just exhibited at two good shows: Structure and Velocity. I spent my time at Structure. One of the highlights of the show for Clustrix was the The Future of SQL In the Cloud panel that Paul was on. There was some good discussion about SQL vs. NoSQL and different […]

Not All Clusters Are the Same

There are a wide variety of techniques out there for clustering storage appliances. The question is: what problem are you really trying to solve? If you look at Isilon’s clustered storage appliances (where I was chief architect), you’ll see that the clustering is done at the block level. The block […]

The Tyranny of the OR vs. the Genius of the AND

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras first coined this phrase in Built to Last. In their book, they describe how choosing between seemingly contradictory concepts—focusing on this or that—leads to missed opportunities. Is the product low cost or high quality? Do I focus on short-term opportunities or long-term strategy? Should the […]

How Clustrix was Born

Back in 2005 I was at Isilon. We had developed the first (and still the best) truly distributed scale-out NAS solution. We were on the road to an IPO and our customers were excited about our products and what we had done with them. I was on the phone with […]