ClustrixDB Flex

Temporarily Scale

During Peak Times


ClustrixDB has a unique pricing and licensing model that allows customers to match their infrastructure costs with the seasonality of their business. The ClustrixDB Flex feature can save customers thousands of dollars per year on hardware and licensing costs by matching licensing and rental costs directly to demand. The ClustrixDB Flex feature allows customers to add instances and licenses only for those months in which they expect high traffic and then Flex down to the base configuration (and cost structure) when demand returns to normal.

Examples of companies with extraordinary periods of peak database demand:

  • An Adtech company needs to deploy an advertising campaign tied to an appearance on the Shark Tank
  • A game publisher needs to introduce the next title in a popular series
  • An e-commerce company needs to capture every sale during the holiday season

With MySQL-like products, these companies could add read slaves, shard their database or cross their fingers with the hope that they will make it through without crashing. Or these companies can use ClustrixDB and the Flex Up feature allow each company to add 3, 5 10 or 50 instances/nodes to an AWS database cluster to scale to accommodate the extraordinary traffic. And the Flex Down feature will allow these companies to return to the normal cluster size and original cost structure once the period of heavy demand is over.


Adtech, gaming, and e-commerce markets all experience periods of extraordinary demand.

The ClustrixDB Flex feature allows customers to purchase an annual license for a quantity of instances (or cores) that services their average workload. When a period of high demand approaches, customers can then Flex Up the number of licenses for the months in which they expect a surge in demand. And once the surge is over, they can Flex down to the base cluster quantity. Flex up to meet extraordinary demand.  Flex down to save money.

For more information on ClustrixDB’s Flex feature, please read our white paper, “Flex Up and Flex Down for Seasonal Demand”

Read the White Paper