Ad Tech

Real-time Analytics on Live Operational Data While Supporting Massive Transaction Volumes

Our clustered solution offers peak performance and flexible linear scaling at a low TCO for ad tech companies functioning as data management platforms, measurement companies, trade desks, retargeting businesses, and ad exchanges. Stay two steps ahead with the leading ad tech technology that will support the following:

    Real-time Bidding

Ingesting writes and updates with high throughput and consistently fast analytics while performing complex transactions? Your need for speed is met with ClustrixDB.

    nResiliency, Backup & Recovery

Our nResiliency feature ensures that the database—and hence the application—remains available in the event of multiple simultaneous server or instance failures. ClustrixDB’s parallel fast backup provides for rapid backup, allowing near-constant backup time as your cluster grows and the work is split across the nodes. 

    Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC)

Distributed MVCC is a key database capability that ensures analytic queries and writes do not interfere with one another. The analytic query reads a snapshot of the event as it was recorded. The write queries can then write newer versions. The older versions are subsequently deleted when no longer needed.

    Query Processing

ClustrixDB uses parallel query evaluation for simple queries and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) for analytic queries (akin to columnar stores). The database must be able to use multiple nodes and cores on each node in parallel to accelerate analytic queries.