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    How ClustrixDB Flex Works

    As your e-commerce site grows, your hosted infrastructure will need to scale to keep up with customer demand. Your website’s database is particularly vulnerable to a move – especially if it relies on a single server, as MySQL does. Moving to another server can involve considerable downtime as you dump the data off the system to be replaced and restore it to the new server with more capacity.

    ClustrixDB is a distributed SQL database that is designed to seamlessly scale horizontally – by adding cores and servers. ClustrixDB uses patented data distribution algorithms to distribute load and data across a cluster of nodes dynamically, all the while as a single logical database. A key advantage of ClustrixDB is the ability to add capacity (‘flex up’) and reduce capacity (‘flex down’) while maintaining high availability. This enables customers to tailor the amount of hosting capacity they acquire to their short-term needs, such as the period leading up to and including Black Friday.

    This document describes in more detail how Flex Up and Flex Down work on ClustrixDB.

    To learn more, read this paper: “How ClustrixDB Flex Works”

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    A Better Way To Handle Seasonal Spikes

    During periods of growth and traffic spikes at the holiday seasons, your e-commerce website needs to be able to handle the loads. Our product, ClustrixDB, allows you to temporarily add database capacity you need to get through those heavy traffic times.

    This document describes in more detail the benefits of Flexing Up and Flexing Down your database during seasonal spikes.

    To learn more, read this paper: “A Better Way to Handle Seasonal Spikes”

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    When Will My E-Commerce Site Crash

    The natural human tendency when using resources like a database is to utilize all of its capacity. This is dangerous with any database and especially in e-commerce when a sale or the holidays can drastically increase your load. If you leave less than 50% of your capacity available, a crash can follow. Most companies are going to push their capacity until they HAVE to. When you are at the upper limit, and keep pushing the database, you will crash.

    It is like playing Russian roulette.

    There is a better way! ClustrixDB is a MySQL-compatible distributed database architected to scale with high performance, reliability and resilience. Unlike other databases, ClustrixDB grows ever larger by simply adding commodity server hardware. It knows how to take advantage of increases – and decreases – in hardware by automatically rebalancing the load and managing transactions so the site doesn’t slow down or crash. For seasonal changes in demand, you can simply add the capacity you need via FLEX licensing.

    This paper will tell you more about how to gracefully scale.

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    Benchmark: Magento with ClustrixDB in the Cloud

    During peak season or fast growth, the last thing you want is to lose orders because your e-commerce site buckles under the load and can’t keep up with demand. To establish that ClustrixDB can scale Magento solutions to a scale MySQL cannot, ClustrixDB has executed benchmarks that prove industry-leading performance for Magento applications hosted on cloud infrastructure.

    This benchmark highlights that Clustrix, with it’s patented architecture that distributes work across multiple servers, scales far beyond MySQL. Because Clustrix can add power by adding systems to the database, the benchmark was focused on scale alone. Our technical objective was to push Magento application servers to levels not obtainable with a MySQL server.

  • E-Commerce Success is a Balancing Act. Ensure Success with ClustrixDB.

    If you have been having issues with your e-commerce site slowing down or acting up during peak seasons or flash sales, your database may be the cause. ClustrixDB is the only database purpose-built for e-commerce and an excellent alternative to costly replatforming.
    Watch this webcast to learn how ClustrixDB allows for scale on e-commerce sites.

  • Photobox CEO, Graham Hobson, describes the benefits of Clustrix

    Photobox, a leading photo prints e-commerce company, experiences spikes in traffic during holiday seasons and promotions.  With ClustrixDB, Photobox has been able to build a database tier that is fully fault tolerant and increase their revenue.