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Scaling Out Without Fault

  January 29, 2016 | Inside Big Data Relational databases always have been at the heart of online transaction processing (OLTP), and they will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But today the business world is demanding more out of this bedrock technology than ever. A variety of industries […]

Database Architecture and Scaling Strategies, In the Cloud & on the Rack

In this webinar, Robbie Mihayli, VP of Engineering at Clustrix explores how to set up a SQL RDBMS architecture that scales out and is both elastic and consistent, while simultaneously delivering fault tolerance and ACID compliance. He also covers how data gets distributed in this architecture, how the query processor […]

Live Webinar Tomorrow: Database Architecture and Scaling Strategies,in the cloud & on the rack

  It’s your last chance to register for tomorrow’s webinar. If you don’t think you can make it but wish you could, register anyway! You will automatically receive the slides and recording after the event. Robbie Mihayli, VP of Engineering at Clustrix will explore how to set up a SQL […]

Afftrack Expands Affiliate Marketing Platform to Twelve Regions using ClustrixDB

Scale-out relational database supports Afftrack’s move to disruptive pricing model. San Francisco, Calif. – Jan 12, 2016 – Clustrix, the provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the elastic scaling requirements of high-volume online transactions needed by e-commerce and other Web applications, announced today that Afftrack, a fast-growing […]

Spinning Disks vs. SSD for Enterprise Database use

Solid State Disks are the right storage for ClustrixDB. What’s not to love about low latency and high throughput? You have lots of choice for data storage these days. The most familiar storage device is the spinning or hard disk drive (HDD): spinning disks are very affordable and can store […]

Is Your Merchant’s Infrastructure Feeling Bloated After the Holidays?

  Are you feeling fat and bloated after the holidays? E-commerce merchants must be ready for the holiday peak in demand. So, adding database capacity is a must. Now that the New Year is here, don’t you wish you could get back to your regular (database) size painlessly? If you’re […]

Clustrix 2016 Predictions: Scaling to Accommodate Growing Data Volumes and Speeds

  January 5, 2016 | VMBlog In the ‘old days’, running a successful database operation was all about being up, and being fast. Today, it’s not only about speed–more importantly, it’s about accommodating fluctuating volumes of traffic, especially on mobile devices. In 2016, we will continue to see the move […]