Real Time. Real Scale. Any Cloud.

The leading scale-out SQL database, engineered for the cloud

Massive Transaction Volume + Real-Time Analytics

SQL Scales? Yes, SQL.

With ClustrixDB, simply add nodes to linearly scale your database.
Clustrix provides the scale-out capabilities of NoSQL without giving up SQL and transactions.

Logo for is Europe’s leading social discovery site with 29 million+ users. It is the most popular network of its kind, and is available in 38 languages and in more than 200 countries.

“We have not run into any scaling issues anymore. As we need capacity we just add nodes and see linear growth.”

- Nicolas Van Eenaeme, CIO, MassiveMedia
4.4 billion transactions/day
5-10 milliseconds average latency
168 core master

Concurrent Analytics on Live Data.

ClustrixDB uniquely enables real-time analytics on your live operational data with massively parallel processing, so you can run faster analytics and reports on your primary SQL database.

Engage:BDR, a leading online advertising company, runs massive transaction volume and real-time reports on Clustrix.

“Customer facing reports were taking up to 4 hours, Clustrix returned the same in under 15 seconds.”

- Kenneth Kwan, CTO, Engage:BDR

A cloud database you can bet your business on.